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FTG Ecom

(2 reviews)

True dedication to building businesses online. Through dropshipping, warehousing, SEO and importing goods. Without the "gurus"

We offer a real, no-nonsense approach to building successful online businesses. We're experts in dropshipping, warehousing, and SEO, and we're here to share our knowledge and strategies. Our proven methods will drive clicks to 'Pay Now' and increase your conversion rates. This offering isn't for the faint-hearted; it's for those ready to invest in themselves, ready to commit and ready for daily check-ins. Expect honesty, accountability, and true dedication to your success. Join us today - for less than the cost of your lunch!

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Guaranteed Earnings
If you follow our steps, we can absolutely guarantee you will make money with dropshipping
Hand Holding
If you are an ABSOLUTE beginner, this is not the group for you. Probably the only guy to ever be upfront about this.
Expect to be held accountable here. We do daily check-ins to report tasks.
Psychology in Sales
I ranked number 1 out of 300 sales people at my job, I am showing you methods to help peoples minds click "Pay now"
Take Action
Stop waiting around, take action,. it costs 2 big macs, can you invest that amount in yourself?
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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2 months ago
I already had basic ecom knowledge but couldn’t convert it into sales - the discord really helped me fix and tweak small things that really made a huge difference. This is way more beneficial than all those guru videos on youtube. Definitely check it out!
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3 months ago
The discord owner know his stuff, has knowledge on the most important aspects of making this business work imo and at 20$ its 100% worth it to join
How is this different from any other group?
We cap out members at a certain point so we can ensure everyone is getting hours of one on one time every single day.
About the seller
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FTG Ecom
E-Commerce • Dropshipping

2 reviews

FTG is a fast paced learning community. Everyone is learning and growing together in their understanding of proper marketing.

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