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Top of the line Models with Full Projections for all your favorite props. Full EV site, with hit rates as well. 38-7 run on Twitter as of 4/11

Full Access to FurnacePicks VIP WebSite and Discord which includes:

  • Personal Website with Top Trends and EV for PrizePicks, Fanduel, DraftKings and others!
  • Full Projections, Best Value, Hit Rates Etc.
  • Top Trends, Hit Rates, Graphs, Data.
  • Very hands on in discord, streams, tutorials etc
  • This option comes with all Discord Models and all cappers.
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Exclusive Community
Join a community of the most avid sports fans around!
Detailed Models
Access all of Furnace's models directly on his site!
24/7 Support
With dedicated support channels, have access to the answers you need throughout your betting journey
Daily Analysis
EV / Sharp Line Models for PrizePicks + Fanduel + Draftkings
Customer Q&A
Q: i was wondering which was better value, the ev website only or the ev discord for $9?
A: It depends what you are interesting in! You can gain access to my models specifically and projections for $12 through MLB discord only options. I think you should give the all access a shot if you want both! The site has EV for the cheapest price and a whole hit rate / graphs / and more for $9 only if you want to only do that. Itโ€™s all user specific!
Asked on Apr 9, 2024
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Furnace Picks
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Home of http://FurnacePicks.com - NBA Prizepicks - Models - EV - Parlays - Straights +35U on Free Plays

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