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Fundamental Fastrack Program

This program is a 5 week program designed to give traders clarity, confidence and consistency.

➡️ 1 live lesson each week, homework tasks to support your learning, group chat, individual mentor support.

➡️ Session 1:

Macroeconomics: Why & how do we study economies (and currencies), economic cycle, money flow, inflation, central banks & interest rates.

➡️ Session 2:

Microeconomics: Economic data (what does it mean and how to analyze it), Risk On Risk Off, commodities, how to use Forex Factory, concept of "priced in", bank reports & more.

➡️ Session 3:

Data Analysis: Using market data, historical data, seasonality, COT data, retail positioning and much more.

➡️ Session 4:

Technical Analysis: Simple yet effective technical analysis techniques to navigate the market.

➡️ Session 5:

Full process: Fundamental Analysis, Data Analysis & Technical Analysis start to finish. High probability trade idea generation process, risk management, position sizing, profitability and more.

➡️ Every lesson is recorded so regardless of your timezone, it does not matter. We have had students from all around the world! It also means you can rewatch them as many times as you want.

➡️ We will give you homework at the end of each session to make sure you progress and apply what you learned. We accept people from any level, whether you are starting from 0 or already have some experience in trading, it doesn't matter.

➡️ You get access to a private chat with the mentors whenever you need for support, until you reach profitability.

We only work in very small groups to ensure everyone's progress and support.

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Fastrack Newbie

Professional Full-Time Mentors
Learn from real professional traders and market analysts.
No Pre-Recorded Content
All our lessons are LIVE. Learn our professional trading system in real-time.
Live Lesson Recordings
All our live lessons are recorded, so you can watch them anytime, forever.
24/7 Support
Access assistance anytime from our members-only discord.
Ongoing Support
We support you until you are successful. Graduates also have the opportunity to join the FX1 Pro Community.
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5 out of 5
(38 reviews)
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12d ago
I have recently completed the FastTrak program and I have to say I've gone from a complete beginner with 0 knowledge to now being able to understand fundamental data, economic cycles and how to translate that into technicals. There's still a long way to go for me but the overload of information provided by Dan and Lucas with constant support via message and the FX1 portals has definitely started my journey off very strong. Can't recommend this course and FX1 enough. Cheers Dan and Lucas
Purchased FX1 Fundamental Fastrack Program 2 months ago
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19d ago
This course has opened my eyes to a new world of trading. I was a trader who was constantly swinging my emotions rather than my trades and could never seem to make consistent profits. After being involved with this course and learning how fundamental news and data move the markets I can now confidently say that I no longer bite my nails and am a profitable trader 😂 Dan and Lucas put a lot of time into each and every member making sure that we’re all progressing and getting the individual help that we need. This course is very comprehensive covering all basic aspects of fundamental data right through to finding and assessing your next trade. I could not recommend this course enough if you’re eager and driven to become successful with trading.
Purchased FX1 Fundamental Fastrack Program 2 months ago
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20d ago
Phenomenal course content and amazing support. I can't recommend Fastrack highly enough!!! I have just completed the Fastrack course and it has literally blown my mind and completely transformed my approach towards trading. Dan and Lucas are absolute legends! Two very down to earth experts in this space who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their students succeed. For anyone sitting on the fence about wanting to learn to trade and considering applying fundamental macro and micro environmental analysis to your trading this course is an absolute no brainer! The knowledge you take away is life changing and will undoubtedly provide you with the tools to become a confident and consistent trader over the long term. Thank you again gentlemen have thoroughly enjoyed the last 5 weeks, this course and your support was nothing short of exceptional
Purchased FX1 Pro 3 months ago
What experience do I need?
None! Whether you are brand new to trading or you have been learning for a while without success, FX1 is designed for anyone who is willing to put in the work.
How can I attend your live lessons?
Our live lessons are run 3x every week. All lessons are recorded and added to your membership portal, so you can watch them at any time.
How is FX1 different to other trading communities?
FX1 approaches trading education in a professional manner. No BS, no gimmicks, just REAL results. You will be guided by 3 professional full-time trading mentors who will support you throughout your journey. Our holistic approach includes fundamental analysis, data analysis and technical analysis, to provide you with the complete knowledge base and skillset you require to be successful.
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Trading • Technical Analysis

38 reviews

FX1 is a trading education focussed community run by professional traders. No BS, No gimmicks, just REAL results!

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