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Fundamental Data-Driven Trading

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📈 Unlock Your Potential with FX1 - Fundamental Data-Driven Trading

Are you tired of the endless maze of trading strategies that lead to more losses than gains?

Are you seeking financial independence through trading but feel stuck in a cycle of disappointment?

FX1 has the solution you've been searching for!

🌟 Why Choose FX1? 🌟

📊 Comprehensive Trading Education: Our program covers Forex, commodities, and indices, offering you a diverse range of trading opportunities. Whether you're a beginner trader or an experienced yet unsuccessful one, we cater to your needs.

📈 Fundamental Analysis at the Core: At FX1, we believe in trading based on solid fundamentals backed by data. Say goodbye to erratic trades driven solely by emotions or technical analysis. Our education is grounded in proven strategies that work.

💡 Unmatched Value: We don't just provide education; we deliver value. With our commitment to excellence, you'll receive the most comprehensive trading education in the industry. Our content is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to trade like a pro.

🤝 Ongoing Support: Our community is your support system. Join our live lessons three times a week, engage in valuable discussions, and receive expert analysis within our exclusive members-only Discord community. We're here to ensure your success.

💰 Flexible Pricing: FX1 offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs. Choose between a $179/month plan for affordability or a lifetime membership for $4999. Invest in your future today!

🚀 Your Path to Financial Independence Starts Here: Stop losing and start winning with FX1's professional approach to trading. Don't let distractions, misguided education, or lack of success hold you back any longer. Take control of your financial future with us.

🔒 Join FX1 Today and Transform Your Trading Journey!

Experience the difference with FX1 – where fundamental data-driven trading meets success.

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Professional Full-Time Mentors
Learn from real professional traders and market analysts.
No Pre-Recorded Content
All our lessons are LIVE. Learn our professional trading system in real-time.
Live Lesson Recordings
All our live lessons are recorded, so you can watch them anytime, forever.
24/7 Support
Access assistance anytime from our members-only discord.
Ongoing Support
We support you until you are successful. Graduates also have the opportunity to join the FX1 Pro Community.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(45 reviews)
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2 hours ago
This coarse was by far the best I have ever taken! My knowledge of fundamentals at the start was 0%, and now I have completed the fast track program my confidence in understanding fundamentals and interpreting data is next level! Dan and his teams support is second to none, plus matched with a coarse that is so well structured, I could not recommend them higher! And in terms of value, you won't find a coarse like it! It has made me excited about my trading journey and can't thank them enough!!
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19 hours ago
My trading changed so much…I had no fundamental knowledge…only following bank reports and wishing they’re right cause they’re banks. But Dan and Lucas taught me a lot of things within these 5 weeks and also they helped me and were very patient with me. Every question I asked was answered in the best detail. This is for serious traders and one thing I can say, it made me a serious trader 100%. The best program there is.
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13 days ago
I am an existing member of FX1 and I recently did the Fastrack program with Dan and Lucas. The 5 week program really took my fundamental knowledge to the next level and my trading has vastly improved since. Dan and Lucas both have the gift of teaching and making the content digestible to everybody. The feedback and access to these guys are worth the price alone! I now have the confidence to do my own fundamental analysis and apply it to my trading, but its also great to still have access to these legends for any help when it is needed. I would definitely recommend the Fastrack program to anyone serious about trading!
What experience do I need?
None! Whether you are brand new to trading or you have been learning for a while without success, FX1 is designed for anyone who is willing to put in the work.
How can I attend your live lessons?
Our live lessons are run 3x every week. All lessons are recorded and added to your membership portal, so you can watch them at any time.
How is FX1 different to other trading communities?
FX1 approaches trading education in a professional manner. No BS, no gimmicks, just REAL results. You will be guided by 3 professional full-time trading mentors who will support you throughout your journey. Our holistic approach includes fundamental analysis, data analysis and technical analysis, to provide you with the complete knowledge base and skillset you require to be successful.
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Trading • Technical Analysis

45 reviews

FX1 is a trading education focussed community run by professional traders. No BS, No gimmicks, just REAL results!

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