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Data Tested Sports Betting Advice

Gameplanalytics will make you a winning player. Experience with data-driven analytics helped us create a system that works, and we are ready to share our success.

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Industry Leading Results
* All Major Sports * ML, Spread, O/U * Early Watchlist & Official Releases * Transparent Results Tracking
Fewer Tears
Our strategy minimizes those painful nights where everything goes wrong by diversifying your betting portfolio.
More Plays Every Day
In addition to our Official Plays Channel, members get insights into all of our leans and feels. More games!
Risk Management
Our vetting process is stringent. It takes a LOT for games to qualify, which means more plus nights for our subscribers.
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5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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a month ago
These guys are literally just trying to make you money in the most risk averse system I’ve seen out there. No prayer parlays, no crazy flyers - just painstakingly vetted straight bets that hit 60% of the time on average. The big nights are frequent (80% a bunch of times) and the down nights are rare. It sounds crazy, but if you follow this system and what they IMPLORE you to wager (unit size 1% of bankroll) you are guaranteed to make money slowly. It’s certainly not a sprint. They’re literally making the same bets they publish. I couldn’t be happier with the service and the Discord is populated with great folks so far. If you like to have fun gambling, and can be disciplined in wagers you literally can’t go wrong here.
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a month ago
Been with them about a month and up over 50units. They post Line/ML and O/U bets with unit sizing per their model. They are transparent, take the same bets, and hapy to answer questions. This is a serious betting server focused on growing bank rolls the same way pros do. Theya ren't giving wild parlays or player props. Just model based bets, with unit sizing and a daily recap. Well worth the money, the model is 60% winner all time, and I ahve seen the results in the month I've been with the group. Highly recommend, it's not a take your money and give you a bunch of junk bets like you get with most servers. Come win some money with the group.
Do you offer free picks?
We stand behind our work, so we give 7 free days of picks with all of our plans!
Are there referral bonuses?
Yes! Every member of GPA gets 10% of anyone they bring on. Thats 10% every month, forever, as long as they stay!
How many picks per day?
We vet EVERY game, EVERY day. From that work we may recommend up to 10 plays, but rarely more.
Do you recommend parlays?
As gamblers, we think parlays can be fun and are entertaining, but they are not part of our bankroll growth strategy.
About the seller
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Sports Picks • General
We work to find plus plays in all the major sports. We play these picks ourselves, and we are here to win money. This is about money, not emotions. We believe in full transparency and accountability, so we post our results for anyone to see. We are NOT here to up-sell anything. If we do well, you do well, and we all thrive. Our strategy includes risk avoidance, bankroll management, and long term gains instead of high variance plays that might look sexy one day and bankrupt you the next. Simply put, we win in the long run, and so will you. Welcome to GPA!

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