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Golden Society

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Taking Stock Every Release

Rising from the ashes of your previous favorite cook groups

Your new home for all things reselling

  • Custom monitors
  • Backup monitors
  • antibot PX monitor
  • AW-LAB early infos
  • Demandware early infos + stock numbers
  • asos early infos
  • nike stock
  • stock numbers for countless sites
  • lowkey flips
  • Release overviews
  • Ticket info
  • Alternative info
  • and a lot more...
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EU Cookgroup
Your all-in-one EU cook group offering exclusive information and tools!
Exclusive Sneaker Alerts
Get informed immediately when rare and sought after sneakers are available for purchase in the EU market.
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Customer reviews
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3 months ago
BEST COOKGROUP OUT THERE! They always have the fastest calls, best monitors and also best release guides! The alternative and ticket section is also on a whole another level and makes everyone a lot of profit!
Purchased 3 months ago
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3 months ago
very good alt info
Purchased 3 months ago
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4 months ago
Best Free Cookgroup i was ever a part of. If they are gonna switch to paid, i would pay a fair amount.
Purchased 5 months ago
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Golden Society
Reselling • Sneakers

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EU Cookgroup

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