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Customer Q&A
Q: Is this software really worth. buying? 100% honesty. 🔥🔥
A: YES, 100% WORTH IT! Not only you get access to different kinds of information, there are many students in this community that shares their experience and give out tips and advices. There are also professionals who can help you with anything. Plus YOU WILL LEARN A LOT from everybody in this group.
Asked on Mar 10, 2024
Q: Do I need my own money for this
A: You don't need your own money to start creative financing :D
Asked on Dec 2, 2023
Q: Where is the link to joing discord i paid the 20
A: Hi jayhusslle! I hope this message finds you well. You may find the discord join email from your email inbox. Whop sent it to the email that you registered. The title of the email Whop has sent you is "Claim Discord Access"
Asked on Nov 11, 2023
Q: Do you need any money to start creative wholesale financing
A: No, you don't need money to start creative financing :D
Asked on Mar 15, 2024
Q: How do I get on Discord to see videos or loo kat the guide or course or Buy Bix Cartel. I paid for this product and can't get into anything to start
A: You need to claim your free discord account from the email that Whop sent you. the title of that email is "Claim Discord Access" click on the "Join Discord" box, authorize the account and you should be good to go
Asked on Jan 25, 2024
Q: Can I cancel the $20/month subscription anytime? If so how would I cancel if I needed to?
A: May I ask why you would be looking to cancel your membership? Is it perhaps something you may be confused on? I know there are many resources that we offer in this Discord and BuyBoxCartel itself, so it can be a bit hard to start and process that information. We are always here to assist you if you need any help, so feel free to reach out to us! Please contact Graceil - Support on Discord
Asked on May 22, 2024
Q: I've been muted in the Discord and have not been able To Do any business with you guys. I like a refund please return my answer.
A: Hi! Please reach out to Graceil, she's our support in the discord server!
Asked on Nov 12, 2023
Q: Does this program come with contracts ?
A: Yes
Asked on Nov 26, 2023
Q: I know of 2 properties that are by owner and have been listed for over two years each can you help me make money from these I recently lost my 6 fig
A: Hello, please contact us in Discord.
Asked on May 22, 2024
Q: Can i do this in australia
A: Yes!
Asked on Apr 22, 2024
Q: I have paid the $20. I have not received an email from Whop however.
A: Hi, when I searched for your username in our end, nothing comes up. What email did you use when you signed in to whop.com? Email us at help@grandintaylorproperties.com
Asked on Apr 24, 2024
Q: How many months does it take to learn and go on your own?
A: Hi there! It depends on how much work you put in. Some can learn as quick as a couple of days, some maybe a week.
Asked on Mar 6, 2024
Q: How do I get a one on one call with you?
A: you may send Graceil, our support in our discord server, and she will give you the details :D
Asked on Jan 8, 2024
Q: How fast will I get paid ? Like will a get paid right after or do I have to wait a day or 2?
A: The process before final closing is 30-40 days, once the deal closes you will be wired with your payment immediately.
Asked on May 22, 2024
Q: Can the wholesale pass work on overseas properties? in Europe for example, or, is the only for the US Market?
A: You can do creative finance wholesaling wherever you are! :D
Asked on May 24, 2024
Q: Is it true that you have sometimes can’t find buyers?
A: There are times. But we can always find buyers!
Asked on May 22, 2024
Q: Can I do this from outside the US?
A: Definitely! You can
Asked on Apr 24, 2024
Q: I paid the $20 today for Whole My Hand Program but there was a problem with the link after I was email the 6 digit code.
A: Hi there! Please don't hesitate to reach out, here is the helper email address, help@grandintaylorproperties.com :D
Asked on Jan 30, 2024
Q: Why am I hearing about this now
A: Hi! Do you need help with anything? You may contact help@grandintaylorproperties.com :D
Asked on Mar 9, 2024
Q: i paid the 20, clicked on the access link, and i still don’t see the discord, why am i not in the discord?
A: Hi Ace! Thank you for reaching out. Have you seen whop's email to you? It should say "Claim Discord" and there you'll get the discord access :D
Asked on Apr 15, 2024
Q: if I get the subscription is it life time or monthly
A: Just $19.99 every month! :D
Asked on May 20, 2024
Q: Do you need to be United States citizen to join?
A: Nope! Anyone can join!
Asked on May 21, 2024
Q: What are the times during the week when you go live?
A: We have a livestream schedule channel in our discord group! You may also dm Graceil for some infos like that
Asked on Mar 30, 2024
Q: I would like to to learn how to wholesale, where I I get mentorship?
A: If you're already a member in the discord server, please send Graceil a dm. She is our support in our community :D
Asked on Jan 4, 2024
Q: If I live in Canada, can I still benefit the same way if I sign up?
A: Yes!
Asked on Apr 21, 2024
Q: do you have to be over 18?
A: Nope!
Asked on May 23, 2024
Q: Will I be able to use the information I learn in this from online only? Or does this method require in person interactions
A: You could use any information you have, but we also have lots of things to learn inside the group. You may also encounter interactions
Asked on Nov 1, 2023
Q: Do you guys recommend this group for someone who is a complete beginner with everything to do with real estate?
Asked on Nov 1, 2023
Q: Can you do this from Canada?
A: Yes! With creative financing, you can do wholesaling wherever you are!
Asked on May 23, 2024
Q: Can you do it from any part of the world or do you have to be from usa
A: Yes, definitely!
Asked on Apr 19, 2024