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Internet Money

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Internet Money

Courses, Private Group, and Chat.

Learn a skill, discover how to turn that skill into an offer, learn how to sell this offer to clients, discover how to fulfill the service for clients, and make your first $1,000

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ListKit, Client Ascension, 1-1 Onboarding Calls

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Intro, Website/CRM/Funnels, Cold Email Lead Gen, Ecom Email Marketing, Facebook/Meta Ads Agency, Content Agency, Google Ads Agency

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30% Referrals

Course 1:
Start a Cold Email Lead Gen Agency
Course 2:
Start a Facebook Ads Agency
Course 3:
Start an Ecom Email Marketing Agency
Course 4:
Start a Google Ads Agency
Course 5:
Start a Content Marketing/Editing Agency
Learn How to Get Clients
Discovery how to create an offer out of a service & get 100% strangers to pay you for it
How to Fulfill for Clients
Learn how to fulfill for clients & get results for them - so that you can build a long term sustainable business
Customer Q&A
Q: Does this teach you how to fulfill? Like does it teach Google ads or Facebook ads?
A: Yes!
Asked on May 6, 2024
Q: Can i learn fulfilment of the clients I have for cold emails? like I'm struggling to fulfill
A: Yes!
Asked on May 13, 2024
Q: Do I need disposable income / money to start getting clients and making money . Or does this corse also help those who have 0 saved up
A: It’s conceivably possible to do it with $0, it’s just going to be considerably more slow
Asked on Apr 24, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(19 reviews)
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18 hours ago
Insane Value for money on this course! On my journey to $10K/Month and this course it Guiding me from A to B.
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a month ago
Always a 5 stars when it comes to the Client Ascension boys. They go above and beyond in everything.
User avatar
a month ago
Daniel’s and boys content is gold standard, this is a place to be as a beginner/intermediate just like Sam Ovens course in 2015’ish. Sign up.
What's the refund policy?
Watch at least 50% of all videos. If you think it's garbage, you can have a refund.
Are there additional costs to getting started?
Yes, some services might require that you purchase specific software apps. There will always be least cost alternatives.
What makes this program different from the others?
It's $35, and not $15,000.
Do I need an LLC before I get started?
No. You can make an LLC after you've already signed a client.
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Internet Money
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19 reviews

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Powered by Client Ascension™: by Daniel Fazio, Andre Haykal Jr, Christian Bonnier, and Dan Crowley

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