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Join our Discord for betting insights and techniques! Get ahead with expert tips and strategies from a 20-year betting pro. "Bet smarter, not harder!"

Join JeetsSheetsSix's Elite Sports Betting Community on Discord and gain a 2-3% edge on pre-game plays & 10% advantage in live betting. Our experienced betting expert, equipped with strategies honed over 20 years, helps you make smart bets for long-term profits. Benefit from comprehensive pre-game cards with tips on nearly every game. We pride ourselves in exposing weak lines and finding the best opportunities for you. Enjoy real-time live bets and specialized techniques to boost profits across all sports. Experience community support and expert advice with us. Your trusted gateway to profitable sports betting.

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Expert Betting Advice
Receive professional betting tips and strategies from an experienced bettor with 20 years under their belt.
Full Pre-Game Cards Daily
Huge newsletter-type pre-game cards with leans on almost every game, every day. We have a 2-3% edge here over time.
Refined Top Plays Card
Jeets combs through the full Pre-Game Card and finds the best of the best. 3-10 plays a day.
Live Betting Connoisseur
Our biggest edge lies in live betting! We have a 10+ percent edge when taking live bets.
Live Streams
We go live occasionall so you can get the live bets in real-time. We have strategies across all sports with mass edges.
Value Betting
Jeets uses many techniques and software to find holes in the betting markets, exposing weak lines.
Education & Teachings
Our service does not just throw picks at you or miracle parlays. We teach good bets and how to profit long-term.
Jeets is always available for members, and the long-term VIPs are very helpful and have learned to bet the right way.
Customer Q&A
Q: I'm in Alabama, so my options are limited. What sportsbooks do you use and will it work for me?
A: Hey Curtis! I see you joined. Feel free to DM @JEETS on Discord. It really doesn't matter what part of the world you are from. We have something for everybody. We are looking forward to having you! πŸ’™
Asked on May 22, 2023
Q: We're do I see my pick from
A: Check your email for instructions on how to claim the Discord role. Email jeetssheets@yahoo.com if you need further help. πŸ’™
Asked on Jun 26, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(24 reviews)
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a month ago
The ROI is absolutely insane. VERY VERY ACTIVE. Ive honestly never seen a question go unanswered and the honesty behind it all is amazing. Great thing going and couldnt be more happy that I joined!
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a month ago
This man truly cares about YOU winning. Provides excellent guidelines to help you manage and grow your bankroll. They say can’t win them all but JEET$ does a pretty damn good job on his cards and calls. Beginners should definitely give this a shot! Great community as well that provides their own knowledge which gives you even more room to grow! Side note, he found me on instagram and I signed up because this was the first time something didn’t seem like a scam!
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cec2sta18 (ED 101/100)#4964
a month ago
I’m not a large dollar gambler but have tried a few services and followed a few β€œgurus”. JEET SHEET is the best I’ve found. He gives personal advice and has provided quite an education to help guide me. Well worth the investment.
How many picks per day?
We do FULL pre-game cards, but JEET$ only recommends playing his top picks. 5-9 on average.
How do you feel about parlays?
We love playing parlays for FUN! πŸ˜ƒ They're great for small stuff and to get some entertainment. If you're a parlay bettor, we're one of the best places to be.
Do you have daily fantasy books like PrizePicks?
Some of our members can access PrizePicks and will share their daily plays! PrizePicks is currently unavailable where I am, but once I have access to it, I'll definitely be getting on it!
Do you offer Player Props?
Absolutely we do. We usually have 1-3 Player Props a day.
How often does Jeets share betting tips on Discord?
Absolutely! Jeets has been a professional sports bettor for 20 years, and the experience and pitfalls over the years have made him into an unstoppable force that pivots and adjusts throughout every year.
About the seller
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Sports Picks β€’ General

24 reviews

SportsBetting πŸ¦ˆπŸ’™ | Proven strategies to beat the books! PROOF? The corrupt books keep shutting me down! At Jeets Sheets, we are revolutionizing the betting landscape by merging experience with strategy. Our cutting-edge platform provides unrivalled insights and expertise in the betting world drawn from 20 years of extensive professional experience. We believe in betting smarter, not harder. What sets us apart is not merely providing picks but teaching our members how to bet profitably in the long term. We offer exclusive access to professional betting tips and strategies and comprehensive pre-game cards built on solid research. Focused on live betting, we have cultivated a remarkable 10% edge in the market. Utilizing advanced techniques and software, we discern weak lines in betting markets, ensuring our members capitalize on these opportunities. Our community of seasoned bettors is always ready to guide, support and enrich your betting journey. Over time, our strategies across all sports have proven to deliver a consistent 2-3% edge. Our occasional live sessions keep members updated with real-time bets. Join us and gain a competitive advantage in your betting game!

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