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Kaikicks Apprentice

(32 reviews)

Making Reselling Easy...

Welcome To Kaikicks Apprentice

We Make Reselling EASY For ALL Circumstances...

We provide ALL the Sneaker & Flips information you need in the UK/EU....

Our Features You Will Get Access To...

Tier 1

  • πŸ“² Personalised Support for ALL members from VERY experienced staff!

  • πŸ“ƒ Written & video guides for beginners, botters & experienced resellers

  • πŸ“… ALL Sneaker related information, ALL raffles, resell predictions, EVERYTHING

  • βœ… How To Start Sneaker Botting

  • βœ… FREE RAFFLE ACO/SL0TS for MESH raffles & Skateshop raffles

  • 🧱 Frequent Brick Flips

  • 🏬 Nike instore monitor

  • πŸ”ˆ In server meetings, Live CHAT during drops

  • 🎁 Groupbuys & giveaways!

Tier 2 (Most Popular)


  • πŸ‘€ Exact Nike Stock Numbers from Kash & Yeet monitors

  • πŸ”Œ Exact END Clothing Stock Numbers

  • πŸ“¨ Blazing fast monitors & ACTIVE staff PINGS off monitors

  • πŸ”₯ Nike Backend Monitor

  • πŸ‘Ÿ Botting checkout Logs

  • πŸš€ Random Resell

  • Ticket Information, Guides, Support, Everything Tickets!

Tier 3

  • 🎁 ALL of Tier 1 & 2

  • πŸ”ˆ 1on1 Call with Kaikicks.uk monthly!

  • πŸ‘Ÿ Nike/SNKRS ACO

We value & ensure EVERYONE gets support whenever needed, making reselling accessable for ALL CIRCUMSTANCES for ALL TIERS
Discord access icon

Discord access

ALL Sneaker Information
Releases, Raffles, Hold or sell, How To Cop, EVERYTHING...
How To Start Botting
We have dedicated Staff to help support, direct & mentor you, to learn how to start sneaker botting!
We provide FREE Sl0ts/ACO meaning we will raffle bot for you at no extra charge!
1 on 1 Support
You will get access to 24/7 Support whenever you need it...
Restock Notifications
With our blazing fast monitors & staff you will be notified about ALL SHOCK drops or restocks!
Written & Video Guides
Written & video guides for beginners, botters & experienced resellers
Instore Information
JD Instore Early Info provided by a JD manager, for all UK & EU
SMS Message Notifications
On request you can receive Text SMS messages for important notifications and information!
Customer question & answers

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Customer reviews
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3 months ago
Very high quality group with great information even at the lowest tier. Has a very simple to understand learning and support format with pre-written guides for any skill level. Support is available any time and response times are excellent, leaving no questions unanswered. All of the staff are very helpful and pings for restocks, shock drops etc. are lighting fast thanks to them. Overall a top cook group with unique but very useful features such as SMS notifications. Worth it!!!
Purchased 5 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
Helpful, going to restart it soon!
Purchased 3 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
Excellent platform for beginners and experienced as it is easy to use. Kai and the rest of the team were very responsive and helpful.
Purchased 3 months ago
What makes us different to other cookgroups?
I really do this! I am a full time resell myself, learn from someone who is in the game, hitting multiple pairs EVERY drop. We give personal 1on1 help to ALL of our members to ensure they are cooking up!
How do I Profit from this Service?
Kaikicks Apprentice gives you ALL the information & support you need to make hundreds or THOUSANDS a month from reselling. From beginner guides too advanced how to start Sneaker Botting + much more... Join the hundreds of other members all cooking up!
How is Reselling RISK FREE!?
You have a 14 day return policy on ALL products we suggest and monitor to buy, meaning if you cant sell a product that we suggest, you can return and get 100% refund!! But I doubt you will have to return as you will be making some great profit...
How Much Money Can I Make?
There is no LIMITS to how much money you can make from Reselling with our advice. It all depends on your own circumstances :D Whether you work full time and want a small side hustle income or whether you want to take this full time! We cover and support you with EVERYTHING.
Can I cancel this service whenever I want?
Yes! This service can be cancelled whenever you want, this can be done by heading to 'my hub' Selecting Kaikicks Apprentice and selecting 'Manage my Membership'
About the seller
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Kaikicks Apprentice
Reselling β€’ Sneakers

32 reviews

Top Charts

UK & EU Cookgroup βœ… Making Reselling EASY for EVERYONE

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