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Build Digital Experiences | Make Money While You Sleep | Defy All Expectations πŸš€

Unleash your entrepreneurship with Defy Teams, a supreme SaaS platform offered at a rate of $1400 every 30 days. Get high-quality digital resources and direct access to our Discord filled with SaaS secrets as soon as you sign up. Dive into 125+ pages of comprehensive guides packed with text, images, audio, and videos that will lead you in making your own successful SaaS company. Plus, get a hour long calls for up to 6 members a week with Defy's owner and discounted future calls.

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Quick Start Template
Get your own app live on the internet in just a few minutes, with state-of-the-art features ready to go.
200+ Components
Access to the highest quality resources that you can use in your products like buttons, nav bars, animations, and more.
Consulting Calls
A free 30-minute consulting call with the owner of Defy and heavily discounted consulting calls going forward.
Defy E-Book Series
125+ pages of text, images, audio clips, and videos guiding you to build your own SaaS company. Updated frequently.
Discord Community Access
Gain immediate access to our Discord packed full of SaaS secrets upon purchase, no downloads necessary.
Exalt Fast Pass
Defy allows you to skip the long multi-month queue to get into Exalt Academy.
Customer Q&A
Q: How does the exalt fast-pass work?
A: Members who have completed a small number of consulting calls get automatically admitted to Exalt Academy.
Asked on Nov 1, 2023
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(2 reviews)
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2 months ago
Joined recently, the β€œQuickStart” boilerplate content is really helpful.
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2 months ago
I work in the server as a moderator for Defy and have known Lunar for a long time, and I only have great things to say about this platform and his teaching style.
How frequently are the resources updated in Defy's web app?
We ensure to update our resources every week to offer you up-to-date content
What's Early Access?
When you purchase Defy you understand you're purchasing a product that is in the process of being developed. Current features like the Ebook, Quickstart, and Components are available but more content is still being added.
What's your refund policy?
Defy offers instantly delivered virtual goods, once those goods have been properly delivered we do not offer refunds.
About the seller
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Saas β€’ Educational

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Defy is a sub-company of Exalt, we teach people how to code and sell digital products/services.

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