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Leeke Picks

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Let’s Get Rich💰is our motto☝🏽 but WAIT there is more to sports betting than just winning. That’s winning with help from our top notch Betting Family

Join Leeke Picks for unmatched sports picks and analytics in our lively Discord community. Benefit from our AI arb bot's pick suggestions and gain from our wealth of expert analysis. It's not just about winning, but winning consistently and confidently. By purchasing, you're joining a betting family where you'll learn to manage risks effectively, share strategies, and bask in the joy of victory. We're eager to see you win, so come, let's get rich together! Your winning streak starts here!

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Expert Betting Analysis
Our team provides expert analysis to help you win consistently and confidently.
Expert Betting Family Support
Interact with our betting family to gain insights, share strategies, and enjoy consistent victories.
Ev Bot🧪
Ai arbitrage bot that generates pick suggestions
Risk Management Tips
We offer expert tips on managing betting risks.
Customer question & answers
I just paid but now idk where the link went to connect it to my discord
Even though I got back to you on discord. You can either get transfer link or link your account to get full access
How do you cancel
To cancel you just go back to the auto renew place on whop dashboard. Turn off auto-renew which should cancel. You will still have access until the 30 days from your initial payment.
I paid and it won’t let me get in the account on discord
Can you contact me on discord? If not you have to transfer access that’s associated with your whop account.
Customer reviews
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kam shotwell#1187
2 months ago
Most consistent discord i been in literally win everyday
Purchased 5 months ago
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2 months ago
Been making good money and hasnt even been a month of me joining. So many options to chose from to win! And the stats/help that we have access to is great💪🏽
Purchased 2 months ago
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3 months ago
Best discord out there
Purchased 5 months ago
Why can’t I see any Picks?
Make sure your discord and whop account is connected. If you still don’t have access you will need to transfer ownership of membership to the whop account associated with your discord.
What’s your refund policy?
Refunds are granted but not guaranteed.
What should I do when I join?
Associate yourself with the VIP Squad and use the channel directory to navigate!
What do I get from joining the Leeke Picks Discord?
You gain access to top-tier sports analytics and our supportive community of winners.
What is the main focus of your sports Discord community?
Our primary focus is on providing the best analytics and advice to give you an edge in sports picks.
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Leeke Picks
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

11 reviews

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One day in our server and you will figure out why we are the most rapidly growing group and why we are very profitable. -We offer the best analytics. -We want to be the best at what we do and that is combining social networking with sports betting! -This company was founded to help the people win consistently and confidently.

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