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Level Up

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THE 100% free discord channel with a subscription offered for automated gratuity.

Thrilling sports bets are just a click away with our Level Up Discord

community. Enjoy free access and learn to boost your bankroll with our

expert-guided strategies. Our VIP section opens the door to AI-based

picks, exclusive chat channels, and updates on TRACKR app. Covering a

wide spectrum of sports arenas. Show some love with simple gratuity.

Subscription is not required to receive 100% access to every play on

Discord. It unambiguously exists for the purpose of members being able

to automate their tips. Once again, 100% full access is completely free!

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Free User

Multiple Sports Plays
We cover NBA. NHL, MLB, NFL, various Soccer leagues, ATP/WTA, Collegiate basketball & football, and occasionally MMA
Free DIscord Channel
You'll gain access to the Level Up Discord community. Entry will be granted via email.
7 Days A Week Support
Any issues you may encounter with our Discord channels can be solved with a simple direct message to our staff.
Money Management Strategies
We have an entire channel dedicated to teaching you how to maintain and grow your bankroll.
VIP Section
Includes TRACKR app updates, Early lines, Recaps, & a prioritized chat channel, unlock when you reach certain benchmarks
AI Picks (BETA)
We're currently testing out some AI software. All AI picks will come with a disclaimer that they are based on AI.
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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a month ago
Tony is a kick ass capper and I hit 70-80% of the time when tailing him plus he’s a good person and a good friend.
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a month ago
Level Up tips is second to none. A whole heap of value in this channel. Highly recommend to people.
User avatar
2 months ago
the best service I've ever used!
Is your service really free?
YES! Level Up is 100% free to use. And when we say free we mean ALL ACCESS FREE! None of that one channel non sense with an occasional free pick in it while they try to convince you to subscribe.
If your service is free, why are there paid subscriptions available?
We are a gratuity based service. Some of our members prefer to automate this. The varied subscriptions were created to cater to those individuals so they could put their tips on full automation.
What is gratuity?
Think of when you go out to eat. Your server waits on you, brings your meal, and continues to check up on you throughout your visit. Then they prepare your table for the next consumer. Hopefully, they did a well enough job that you leave them a tip. This is gratuity. While no payment is mandatory, it’s highly appreciated!
Why is your service free?
Simply put, I’m not selfish. 🤷🏼‍♂️ If Level Up closed right now I’d continue to place wagers on sports. The way I see it is why not share my insight so that others may benefit as well?
How long have you been doing this?
Although Level up is new I’ve been sport betting casually for 25+ years. A few years ago after joining some gambling groups I started getting a lot of DMs asking me for plays. It was at this point I decided to take handicapping more seriously. After building my bankroll with consistent betting strategies I was brought on as a Sports Analyst by a thriving discord community. Things were looking great until I became ill. I was diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of cancer and it was at stage 4. I tried to hold on to my position as a handicapper but when treatments began they were too overwhelming and I stopped to focus on my health and what time I had left. The doctors had predicted that I would not make it. After a 2+ battle I proved them all wrong! And now I’m back and sharing my insight with whomever is willing to listen.
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Level Up
Sports Picks • General

4 reviews

Level Up is dedicated to being you top of the field sports wagers. We’re so confident in our ability to grow your bankroll we’re offering our services on a 100% optional gratuity based payment system. With our free membership you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

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