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Advanced Automation at the Speed of Light!

What is LightningATC?

LightningATC is an Automation Tool built to amplify your shopping experience with multiple features implemented in our tool allowing you to speed through checkout processes on supported platforms such as Shopify, Stripe, Supreme, Finishline/JD Sports, Snipes, Hibbett, Big Cartel, Big Commerce, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, Razer, Zalando, Google Forms & more.

Highlighted Features

• 2x Additional Instances

• Profile Management

• AYCD Autosolve AI Support

• Page Monitors (Shopify, Supreme & More)

• Monitor Feed (Auto Keyword/URL Opener)

• Preload Mode (Shopify Page Monitor)

• Proxy Support (Useful for Multiple Instances)

• Pop-up Settings (Profiles | Modes | Delays)

• Web Monitor (includes Twitter Monitor)

• Link Appender (Web Monitor)

• Auto Link Opener

• ALO Sessions (for Hyped Releases)

• Actions (XPath and Standard Keywords)

• Shipping Rates (Preload Support)

• Blacklist (Any Unwanted Sites)

• Pushover (Mobile Notifications)

• Analytics (Purchase History | Graphs)

• AYCD Profile Converter support

• Password Answer support

• hCaptcha Answer support

• Account Login support

Additional Perks

• 100+ Monitors (Shopify, Retail & More)

• Release Guides (Early Links | Information)

• Exclusive Groupbuys | Giveaways

• Exclusive Partnerships

• Checkpoint/Restock Pinger | Drop Alerts

• Hat Flips Info | Low Key Flips Info | Raffles Info

• Daily Reminder | Weekly & Monthly Calendars

• Zalando Request Based Module

• Beta access to future projects

• 24/7 Discord Support

• Hold/Sell Analyzer

• Discord Tools

Twitter | Instagram | Recent Success

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Supporting 100s of sites
Never miss another drop. Lightning covers almost everything. Adding sites every step of the way.
Most Affordable
We provide you with the best automation tool along with the best resources at the lowest price.
Profile Management
Create unlimited profiles with the ability to add personalized information such as Discord, Account Logins & much more.
Multiple Features
From building your own scripts to receiving instant auto-link syncs directly to your device without lifting a finger.
Monitor Feed
Create your own custom keyword/URL string to auto-open, auto-cart & auto-checkout for you.
Each renewal license key comes with (2) additional instances to use at all times on multiple devices.
Premium Perks
Release Guides, Early Links, Upcoming Calendars, Monitors, Alerts, Groupbuys/Giveaways & much more.
24/7 Discord Support
Our team is active 24/7 to help serve you and make sure you are taking full advantage of what we offer.
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Customer reviews
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3d ago
Getting better and better on every update
Purchased 2 years ago
User avatar
24d ago
Been using Lightning ATC for nearly 3 years now! One of the best tools in my belt!
Purchased 3 months ago
User avatar
1 month ago
almost always get something, well worth the money
Purchased 1 year ago
How much is Lightning?
Lightning initially costs $60 with a $10 monthly renewal fee.
How do I purchase Lightning?
Lightning is only available to purchase through our waitlist system to keep the product exclusive. You can follow us on our social media to receive information on upcoming restocks as well.
How does this differ from other tools?
LightningATC is designed with powerful features to provide maximum support throughout your automated checkout process.
What operating systems are supported?
Any Chromium based browser on Windows/MAC - Chrome, Edge and Brave - can run Lightning.
What is your refund policy?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. You can only use our digital software by purchasing a membership. Our membership is scheduled on a 30-Day service base which you have the option to cancel at anytime.
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73 reviews

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LightningATC is a hybrid browser based software designed to secure high-demand items.

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