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Lobo's Lock$ VIP

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I'm a blue-collar American who enjoys life and who just happens to be good at betting sports🍀

Gain access to Official Picks, Cheat Sheets, Community Discord, and much more..

Must have access to Discord

All sales are Final, for any questions please DM @lobolocks on Twitter(X)

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Lobo's Lock$ VIP

Probability Driven Bets
High probability research like you've never seen it before, with knowledge and reasoning you won't get anywhere else.
Official Community Discord
Receive access to the premium Discord for official plays, cheat sheets, and much more including tools built in!
Daily Picks
Gain access to 5-10 daily value plays sure to get you the best odds focused on getting more money back in your bankroll.
Variety Of Bets
Gain Access to a variety of plays and betting strategies with the freedom to play what YOU want to play.
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3 months ago
Won me multiple plays on Twitter and has good pricing options for what is offered!
Purchased Lobo's Lock$ VIP 3 months ago
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, you can cancel at any time and you will not be charged at the end of the cycle!
What betting apps do you use?
DraftKings and FanDuel
What Communication App do you use?
All Content including plays, cheat sheets, community chat and more will be sent through the Discord app..
I have an issue, who do I reach out to?
DM @lobolocks on Twitter(X)
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Lobo's Locks
Sports Picks • NHL

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I played a wide variety of sports in my life, really latching on to Hockey and Lacrosse. I am a coach with 10+ years of on field experience added to probability research a way you've never seen before to get you the best value to help you cash your bets and bring home some coin!!

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