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Welcome to Luminary, the ultimate toolkit for AI connoisseurs, brought to you by LangLabs! Dive into our inclusive community, experience live bot creation, and unearth the secrets of successfully selling high-value bots. Keep pace with the most recent AI trends through our news monitors while exploring our trove of distinctive Botpress and Flowise templates. Curated with eccentricity, Luminary fuels your journey to AI mastery. Endorse quality, make a difference with Luminary.

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Intelligent AI Chatbots
Expert AI chatbots trained to provide actionable insight in the areas of sales, marketing and technology for AAAs.
Professional AI Community
Master AI effortlessly with our interactive community
Cookie Cutter Templates
Gain Access to all of our exclusive Botpress and Flowise templates that we have actually sold.
LangLabs Q&A
We're one of the first agencies in the space. From basic automations to custom AI solutions, we've seen it all. Ask us!
LIVE Build in Publics
Watch us build bots live and gain expert insight on how we build the several thousand dollar bots we offer our clients.
AI Tools and Automations
We offer AI news monitors so you're always current with the latest trends. We curate the BEST AI tools for AI Arbitrage.
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a year ago
This community has helped me overcome alot of newbie mistakes that would have cost me a lot of time to figure out. I've been able to learn so much already which has helped me secure clients super early in my journey!
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a year ago
Joining Luminary, the AI Automation Community is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've made. This isn’t just another community, it's an enriching ecosystem. I see a great opportunity for sharing knowledge, networking and getting a fresh perspective. For me this is more than just gaining access to a Discord group, it's about becoming a part of the future of AI. It's about being in the company of likeminded people who challenge, motivate, and inspire you. If AI is your passion, Luminary is for you. Highly recommended!
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a year ago
This discord brings AI to the forefront and helped me learn how to use AI better. They have excellent guides on how to integrate AI into many niches. The community is global, allowing me to ask questions and get help at any time of the day. Overall this is worth it.
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Luminary -> The AI Automation Community
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Introducing Luminary, by LangLabs: Our elite program designed for the next generation of AI enthusiasts. Dive into Marketing, Sales, and AI Automation with hands-on guidance from industry experts. At LangLabs, we're not just teaching AI; we're building the future, one Luminary at a time. LangLabs Luminaries: Lighting the Path to AI Mastery.

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