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Marathon Macro

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Elevate Your Investments with Expert Strategies Join investors in "Discord" for exclusive insights from industry leaders.

Advance your market expertise with Investor Insights Pro for $25/month or $250/year. This tier provides daily in-depth analyses, risk assessments for ETFs, and a twice-weekly newsletter focusing on macro and microeconomic trends. Ideal for intermediate to advanced investors seeking to deepen their understanding and refine their market strategies.

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Investor Insights Pro

Market Insights for All Levels
Free updates, detailed analyses, and exclusive forecasts
Educational Content
Bi-weekly YouTube videos to in-depth market tutorials.
Bi-Weekly Newsletters
Get comprehensive market analyses and forecasts.
Risk Management Tools
Daily updates on ETF risk parameters across tiers.
Exclusive System Access
Advanced subscribers get our Amarii Global Synthesis System."
Specialized Investment Reports
Monthly deep dives into crucial market trends and opportunities
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(1 reviews)
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3 months ago
Marathon Macro regularly produced new economic newsletters, which now are fundamental for all those who are deeply involved in comprehending the global macroeconomics. Their thorough and professional analyses are the most adequate for any specialists targeting to improve their executing investment procedures. The guide deserves to be read and understood for the good information and the ease of explaining the complex factors of the economy.
1. What does the Free Tier include?
The Free Tier, named "Market Explorer," offers fast updates on significant market movements and bi-weekly news reports.
2. How much does "Investor Insights Pro" cost, and what are the benefits?
$25/month, daily market analysis, ETF risk parameters, bi-weekly macro/microeconomic newsletters.
3. What exclusive content is available in the "Global Market Strategist" tier?
$100/month, weekly macro forecasts, extended market and investment reports.
4. Can I upgrade or downgrade between tiers?
Yes, changes start next billing cycle.
5. How can I cancel my subscription?
Use 'Account Settings' 24 hours before the next billing cycle.
About the seller
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Marathon Macro
Personal Finance • Investing

1 review

Marathon Macro is a premier economic analysis firm that provides comprehensive, in-depth macroeconomic insights and forecasting. Geared towards professional investors and institutions, Marathon Macro specializes in uncovering long-term trends and cyclical economic patterns across global markets. By integrating cutting-edge research with real-time data, our services empower clients to make informed strategic decisions, optimizing performance in a rapidly evolving economic landscape.

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