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MidBetz - Experts & Algorithms

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Take your sports betting to the next level with our experts and algorithms. We offer various different sports throughout the year.

Via purchase you will gain premium access to our Discord server where you will be able to see all the plays.

Advanced algorithms
Receive notifications on algorithm backed plays. We offer full transparency on what our algorithms offer. Exact %s etc.
Expert Betting Analysis
Our team of sports betting experts provide in-depth analysis and insights for each play.
Early alerts
We give out our bets early on the day, so our services are suitable for all time zones.
Live Play Analysis
Our experts offer up-to-the-minute analysis and tips during live games, perfect for late betting opportunities.
Instant Discord Access
Join our server to meet fellow sports enthusiasts, discuss strategies, and get live updates.
Transparency behind the picks
We offer full transparency over our picks and we are able to provide data and intel regarding our picks.
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Customer reviews
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(1 reviews)
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7 months ago
Amazing , mid really knows his hockey picks and he is very suitable for European bettors who struggle with US timezones and groups that give out picks during 2-3 AM European time, which is why this is the group I will be sticking with! Highly recommended, the 2 day trial is a nice bonus as well!
How can I get access?
Link your discord to Whop or ask help in Discord and I will help you personally.
How many picks do you have daily?
It varies from day to day but usually there is 7-20 per analyst.
Are you profitable?
Yes! We are very profitable and our analysts are experts on what they do! We end up profit every single month.
What makes you different from the rest?
We have very active and friendly support. Our picks are researched by our analysts and also backed by our algorithms to maintain the quality of our picks. We also offer full transparency on our picks. We offer the exact data our algorithms provide us with so you never have to second guess their authenticity.
Do you do free plays?
Yes! We do occasionaly offer free plays in our TikTok and Discord aswell. As I am writing this we are currently 5-0 in our free plays, which is +6 units solely from free plays (we had one 2 unit play). You can check our freeplay record from our TikTok where you can check the authenticity of what I am telling you. TikTok: @midbetz
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Sports Picks β€’ Betting Algorithms

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We are an innovative sports betting platform that combines expertise and advanced algorithms to take your sports betting experience to unprecedented heights. We offer dynamic services that include live algorithm-backed plays notifications, in-depth analysis from seasoned betting experts, and a vibrant server where you can connect with fellow sports enthusiasts, share strategies and receive live updates. By becoming a part of our community, you get an opportunity to make your betting game stronger while being in a fun, collaborative environment. Stay one step ahead in the betting world with us. We offer all year around coverage and offer bets in multiple different sports.

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