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Mindfulness & Mindset For Entrepreneurs

(3 reviews)

productivity, self-worth, biohacking, neurohacking

The Back Pocket course gives you specific mindset fixes and mindfulness processes for common stressors that founders and entrepreneurs experience. Think of it like a handbook you keep in your back pocket when you need support. Each 'lesson' speaks to a common stressor. Watch the entire course lessons by lesson OR use it as your go-to fix on a bad day by doing the lesson on the the stressor that is most troubling you! Lifetime Access. 1-1 coaching add-ons available if you want a call with Michelle.

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Stress Relief Course: Back Pocket Mindset Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Founders

End the overwhelm
mindfulness 101: work with your mind rather than against it
Self Worth
be more resilient in your work; receive feedback and grow a solid sense of self without an identity crisis
Manage emotions
engage your mind to be productive rather than interfering
Improve productivity
Be more productive in less time with less stress
Experience more peace
develop mind habits to feel less stress
Hit your goals
reach your goals with strategic thinking
Neurohacking support
As a mindfulness coach and co-creator of a nootropics supplement I am uniquely positioned to recommend products
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
Michelle seems to be an expert in her field and I found her to the point, yet motherly, style perfect for a busy entrepreneur like me. I used to think mindfulness wasn't for me but I actually believe I could benefit from the short, sharp advice that's available in her videos. Awesome course. Well done!
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2 months ago
Michelle's Mindset Hacks course was an eye opener for me as an entrepreneur. As someone who transitioned careers to start my own business, I was keenly aware of the potential (and starting to feel it) for burnout if I didn't address it… and in particular, my mindset. Michelle's course delved deep into the core issues that often keep entrepreneurs stuck, providing a really practical toolkit for navigating challenges with resilience and clarity. What stood out most was Michelle's genuine and empathetic approach. She candidly addressed every pain point I was experiencing, fostering a sense of understanding and validation. Through mindfulness practices and practical exercises, I learned to understand the importance of recognise my limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubt. The mindfulness toolkit was a great resolution to the course, offering simple yet powerful techniques that I could easily implement into my daily routine. I’m looking forward to implementing these practices not only to help me stay grounded, but also enhanced my overall well-being as someone in that entrepreneur space. Overall, Michelle's course was invaluable in helping me shift my mindset and approach to my personal business goals. Highly recommended for its accessibility, practicality, and genuine practical support.
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2 months ago
I really like the mindset reframes. Very practical advice and I’m practicing the mindfulness tools. This does make a difference when stressed. My wife appreciates it too.
Are your courses about life hacking, bio hacking, mindfulness...?
All of the above. Mindfulness and mindset are powerful life hacks that are increasingly mainstream in which small actions can make HUGE changes in mood and productivity. Mindfulness engages strategies that work with neuroscience principles to introduce ordered thinking, increased calm - essentially it's nervous system regulation that monks have understood for thousands of years, now modernized thanks to Jon Kabat-Zinn's studies on mindfulness. Biohacking is essentially about making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being. In my mindfulness training, biohacks include using breath (modulating oxygen in the brain), movement, presence, nature, to change your PHYSIOLOGY.
What kinds of stressors do your courses help with?
Any and all. I focus on entrepreneurs and founders because that's also my background and experience. I know the stress of burning the candle at both ends, dealing with funding, innovation, investors, customers, the pressure of building, disappointment, insomnia ... you name it.
Do you see coaching clients 1-1?
I do for now but may not forever due to group coaching commitments. See my calendar. I also have coaching packages for 3 months of 1-1 support.
What's your background?
I have a Ph.D. in Economics and lived in a refugee camp for my doctoral research. That experience changed the course of my life and I left academia to work with people 1-1. I trained in coaching, bodywork, and various kinds of therapy for trauma, including mindfulness facilitation. I have been a founder of two previous startups that taught me heaps but didn't go the distance, but my current company (focused on coaching, healing, and some marketing) is the winner. I implement the strategies I coach others in every single day. I work from deep experience and insight over 15 years in the industry. I am a Master NLP pracitioner, hypnotherapist, life coach, and mindfulness coach. Also a long time writer and course creator on Udemy.
What about the group coaching calls?
Group coaching calls are held in the middle of the month on a Tuesday evening US time. I present on a juicy mindfulness topic for 15-20 minutes then take you through transformative practices to settle your nervous system. Basically, these group calls are trainings on how to live a mindful life inside the hustle that is entrepreneurship. It's also your chance to get support on whatever you're going through with the Q&As!
About the seller
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Michelle Dixon
Life Hacks • Other Deals

3 reviews

Michelle Dixon, Ph.D. has a doctorate in economics and is a thought leader in the mindfulness space. She has worked to serve trauma survivors and entrepreneurs with life changing strategies for success over the past 15 years. In addition to being qualified in mindfulness facilitating, she is a master NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, bodyworker, and long time meditator. She is also a writer and has been a cofounder of two startups, one in tech and one in nootropics.

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