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Motion Capital's Trading Academy

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Move With The Market

Join our Trade Like an Athlete Bootcamp and unlock the potential to obtain millions in funding by trading futures with Prop Firms. Our comprehensive mentorship program is designed to guide you from being a novice to becoming a skilled and advanced trader.

With 5 interactive live sessions and lifetime access to our supportive community, we will take you through every step of the journey towards mastering the art of trading. Discover how to kickstart your trading journey and enhance your skills with our advanced strategies. Let's begin this exciting adventure together and pave the way to a successful trading future!

๐Ÿ”น One-On-One Mentorship (Zoom) ๐Ÿ”น Lifetime Mentorship ๐Ÿ”น Discord Support Group ๐Ÿ”น Past And Future Webinars ๐Ÿ”น Access To All Recorded Content ๐Ÿ”น 24 Hour Access To Online Training

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Real-Time Trade Alerts
Receive instant notifications on Discord for every trade made by Motion Capital.
Live Classes
Gain access to live classes, which include; live trading, trade reviews, or strategy classes.
24/7 Support
Any day of the week, at any time. The pack is here to help. No question is too small for our team.
The #1 University
One of the most influential Universities in the world of trading, teaching you how to trade foreign currencies.
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(2 reviews)
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2 months ago
Mario is the number one educator and live streamer on YouTube. He goes in depth on all of his concepts and prepares his viewers to be just like athletes in this professional trading arena. Not only is he informative but his teaching style is fun, engaging, and inspirational. Highly recommend Motion Capital Trading to anyone seeking quality and professional education in day trading. Best team on STREAAAAMMM!
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3 months ago
I have been following Motion Capital for a month half, very safe high win rate, always in green after few minutes i've entered a trade, very stress-free. always Tp 1 for 50%. You got signal occasional in London Time as well. And He would do ICT breakdown for you on your position as well. You can tell it is not a bull shit signal you would get from random TG group. you can easily pass evaluation with it. 5 Stars. Will pay for 1 on 1 once I built my bankroll
What is the ICT SMC strategy offered in your course?
The ICT SMC strategy is a comprehensive approach that helps traders identify key levels and high probability patterns in the market, providing a competitive edge in trading endeavors.
What can I expect to gain from your course?
By enrolling in our course, you will not only enhance your technical skills but also develop the discipline and mindset necessary for successful trading.
How will Motion Capital Trading help me improve my trading abilities?
Our collaboration will provide you with ICT SMC Trading signals to effectively guide you on when to enter and exit the market, maximizing your trading potential!
What makes Motion Capital Trading stand out from other trading academies?
Motion Capital Trading offers a unique blend of advanced strategies, practical insights, and personalized support to help you excel in the world of futures trading.
How can I enroll in the course?
Enrolling in our course is easy! Simply visit our whop page, navigate to the registration page, and follow the steps to begin your journey toward mastering the markets with Motion Capital Trading!
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Trading โ€ข Technical Analysis

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At Motion Capital Trading, we're more than just a trading platform. We are a vibrant community of traders committed to helping each other move with the market. Our platform provides continuous access to live classes covering various aspects of trading from live trading, trade reviews to strategy building, facilitated by some of the most influential figures in this industry. We specialize in teaching trade of foreign currencies, ensuring you not only understand the nuances but also are able to apply your learnings in real-time. In addition, our unique Discord feature allows our clients to receive instant notifications of every trade made by us. Remember, no question is too small for our team. We are here to ensure your journey with Motion Capital Trading is enriching and profitable. Gain, Learn, and Grow with us. Anytime. Anywhere.

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