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MTM Trading Academy

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The MTM Way

Elevate your trading game with the MTM Trading Academy's VIP Discord Membership—a beacon of professionalism, innovation, and opportunity in the world of finance. With live trading sessions, exclusive signals, and premium education at your fingertips, you'll gain the competitive edge needed to thrive in today's markets. Connect with mentors, engage with a vibrant community, and embark on a transformative journey towards financial independence with the support of industry-leading experts by your side !

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VIP Signal Room
In our Signal Room, we have a team of financial analysts, with 10+ years of market experience, high probability setups.
Courses & Content
With your membership plan, not only do you get signals, we educate you on how to take them ! We offer premade courses.
Market Analysis & Breakdowns
Comprehensive market analysis & trade breakdowns. Quality insights & education is our priority at MTM.
Live Trading Sessions
In our Discord we pick a few days out of the week to trade live with our members. Q&A's, market trends and much more !
Thriving Community
We have a strong & uplifting community that are with you on your journey to financial freedom !
Support team
Email our support team for any questions or concerns, our team works hard to ensure nothing but EXCELLENCE 24/7.
Customer Q&A
Q: How often do you post signals? what's the success rate?
A: In the past 15 days we have sent 46 signals, with a total win rate of 56.52% and +30% PROFIT in 15 DAYS with track records. You can find them on @skinnyfx909 post. WE SEND DAILY SIGNALS (if there is a setup), we GUARANTEE 5-8 signals a week !!! We are proud to say we have the best % ROI in 15 days, in the forex industry. We are just getting started and strive to outperform ourselves everyday. For further info or questions, email us at mtm.tradingacademy1@gmail.com
Asked on Mar 11, 2024
Customer reviews
4.5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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2 months ago
Best $100 spent. So far all the signals they gave were wins 🔥. Did have one breakeven but cannot complain and the webinars and education is just fire every time. Look forward to keep being a member👍🏾
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2 months ago
MTM is great, awesome signals and the staff is amazing too. Very helpful and lots of education.
What's the difference between free and VIP version ?
In our VIP room, we go more in-depth with our students, work with them on a more personal level. We send daily signals (if there is a setup), explain why we take the trade and give updates in real time.
How much should I start with ?
Only use what you are comfortable losing ! Nothing that will put you in debt or financial crisis. For new traders we recommend $100-$500. For experienced traders, you may use more.
What's your refund policy ?
You have 24 hours to file a refund, if your issue hasn't been resolved email our support team. After 24 hours, you will no longer be eligible for refund but still be in the group until your membership expires. You may take signals and potentially profit, with no added costs.
Are signals profitable ?
If used correctly, yes. We teach you how to effectively use signals when joining. However, we are not responsible for trades you make. We do not advise or force anyone into taking our signals.
What is the frequency of your live trading sessions on Discord?
We organize live trading session on Discord few times a week on predetermined days.
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MTM Trading Academy
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2 reviews

Welcome to MTM Trading Academy! We don't just teach ; we empower. With over a decade of proven experience, we provide you : •Live trading • High quality signals • Detailed analysis •Supportive community Dive into a world where each trade is a strategic masterpiece, and success is a shared journey amongst our family. Join us today and be apart of the movement !

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