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Unlock VIP access for soundboards, exclusive chat perks, personal channels, and meme fun. Drop the newbs, embrace the VIP vibe!

Be a VIP and gain access to backstage with our exclusive Backstage Pass! For just $1.99 monthly, enjoy access to premium features not available to regular server members. Get started now. Unleash a remarkable user experience, one that reflects true value for your money. Perfect for users who crave that edge in efficiency and user experience. Welcome to the realm of the privileged, welcome to the Backstage. All for less the price of your daily coffee. Get your Backstage Pass now! Experience the difference.

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Discord access

VIP Pass

Backstage Chat
No more alt accounts joining and ruining the vibe, You get access to your own channel with other VIP users. No newbs.
Backstage Memes
Backstage Pass/Pass+ Meme channel is moderated to keep it clean without ruining the fun.
Link Sharing
You can embed links in any channel in the server with both Passes* Conditions apply.
You get access to embed links including gifs, external sites and more in Backstage Pass limited channels.
Extra Entries in Giveaways
Gain additional entries in server sided giveaways.
Soundboard access
Stand out from other members with access to soundboard.
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4 months ago
Great discord server, plenty of members. The VIP chat was a little quiet at times but i got a cool custom role :D
What does the Backstage Pass/Pass+ offer?
The Backstage Pass/Pass+ grants access to multiple private channels, entry to the Rooftop Voice Channel, and a less strict but moderated meme channel.
What does the Backstage Pass+ offer over the standard Pass?
The Backstage Pass+ gives access to the exclusive Rooftop Voice Chat, where standard VIP does not. Along with soundboards in normal VCs and some other channels.
Will I get a custom role?
Yes, you will stand out in regular chats and VC with your own Backstage Pass role.
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Established with a determination to blend tradition with innovation, our discord server was born out of the passion to bring the best quality memes and events to our customers. Our commitment lies not only in the standard of our staff, but also in the craftsmanship that goes into each of our staff members. We are proud of our strong team, dedicated to exceeding our members expectations. As we continue to evolve and grow, we remain true to our core values of integrity, quality, and member satisfaction. We strive to enhance your stay with every day, because we believe that our members deserve nothing less than the best.

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