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Generate & Manage iCloud HideMyEmails At Scale, Easily and Affordably

Clever resellers are using iCloud HideMyEmails as a dirt-cheap alternative to Gmails.

The GA pass unlocks full access to our software, which includes a private Discord server for support and updates.

Why iCloud "HideMyEmail"?

  • Forwarded by default to your master email, making OTPs a breeze

  • Up to 750 can be generated for each iCloud+ account, at a rate of 20/hr

  • HideMyEmails cost $0 to generate -- no SMS/Proxies needed

Why Use NimbusGen

NimbusGen makes it stupid-easy to manage and generate iCloud HideMyEmails at scale.

With the introduction of the Hub, there is even more to like. Users can now manage their HideMyEmails all in one place and accross multiple master accounts.

  • Manage, import and sync pre-existing HMEs, regardless of where they were generated.

  • Delete & replace unneeded HMEs

  • Keep your HMEs organized with a new in-app labeling system. Staying on top of utilized iClouds with Excel spreadsheets is no longer necessary.

  • Easily copy/paste iClouds to clipboard, either individually or in bulk via multiselect

Alongside the Hub, NimbusGen offers:

  • Handling for rate limiting, allowing for automated generation over time,

  • Support for multiple iCloud+ accounts

  • Easy-to-navigate UI and in-bot login.

While others go wide, we go deep to ensure the best value, experience and support for iCloud HideMyEmails.

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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(7 reviews)
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6 months ago
Awesome product with great help and support. Was able to delete and generate thousands of aliases easily saving much time. Thank you!
Purchased General Access 8 months ago
6 months ago
Great product super user friendly and support staff responsive and super helpful!
Purchased General Access 6 months ago
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7 months ago
Very nice product, can make many things much easier on the day to day. Would recommend to everybody, seriously!
Purchased General Access 7 months ago
How many aliases can I create?
Each master iCloud account supports 750 HideMyEmails/Aliases. For some users, that is more than they will ever need.
What is the difference between an "Alias" and "HideMyEmail"
They are the exact same thing. It is easier to type alias, which is why we use that language.
Can I add multiple master iCloud accounts?
You sure can. We support the addition and use of multiple master iCloud accounts.
What are some hot use cases?
iClouds are indispensable for raffle runners, and also a great low-cost way to create pre-forwarded Nike accounts. Alternatively, if you have a Nike account without email access, you can simply change it to an iCloud (yes, they work well, as do Outlooks & Yahoos). And of course, they can be used for any other site to have all your emails go to one place.
What makes you better than competing tools?
Current tools that offer iCloud HME automation tend to be pricey because they offer support for other modules. NimbusGen creates an opportunity for those that only need iCloud HME generation to reduce their costs.
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Reselling • General

7 reviews

While others go wide, we go deep to ensure the best value, experience and support for iCloud HideMyEmails.

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