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Novara Business Tactics

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Welcome to Novara Business Tactics for the Entrepreneurs of the future!

Welcome to Novara Business Tactics!

When you become an NBT member, you are granted access to our private, Premium chat group where myself (Kasem) and our mentors will host (2) weekly 2 hour calls to discuss topics such as...

• Business tactics & knowledge

• How to structure partnerships– do's and don'ts

• Commercial & Residential Real Estate knowledge

• Fast Food and/or Fine Dining Restaurant knowledge– franchising, acquisition, getting started, scaling, funding, etc.

• Signing & negotiating commercial leases

• Business marketing

• Employee retention protocols

• How to form a business plan

• How to build a network

• Amazon FBA knowledge

• Ecom Knowledge– clothing, food & bev, supplements, etc.

And so much more...

Join now and take your first step towards financial freedom.

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Access to Kasem and Mentors.
Kasem & Mentors Live 3x week, sharing strategies, revealing secrets, and hosting a Q&A tailored to you.
Amazon FBA
Learn everything Amazon FBA from store creation to scaling your store!
Stocks and Crypto Trading
Get our expert signals and insights into the stock and cryptocurrency markets.
Section 8
Top of the line Section 8 program allowing opportunities to members.
Self Improvement & Wellness
Cultivate well-being and get your guide to becoming the best version of yourself.
Business Scaling
Let the experts assess your business and provide the information you need to scale it.
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(6 reviews)
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4 months ago
I’ve learned so much in a week than I ever did in College! Best Discord out there! If I could give it 1000 stars I would!
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5 months ago
Amazing community and informational weekly calls built by Kasem. After high school, I wanted to learn but college wasn’t for me so this was a perfect opportunity to learn more and develop a better mindset. Grateful to be apart of this. I highly recommend that you join if you’re looking to learn more about business or just life in general.
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5 months ago
I am so excited to work with this motivated team; I have the faith that I will gain too many valuable knowledge with them.
What topics are covered on the Premium Membership calls/webinars?
Premium Membership provides exclusive access to industry experts covering a wide array of niches, including Amazon FBA, Investing, Stock and Cryptocurrency Trading, Scaling Businesses, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Section 8, and many more. Each month features new insights and strategies to help you succeed in the real world.
Can I switch from a monthly Premium membership to a annual VIP membership
Absolutely! You can upgrade to a VIP Membership at any time, unlocking all Premium benefits with a annual one-time payment of $4,000.
What is your refund policy?
As we are unable process refunds, all sales are final. However, your satisfaction is important to us, and we're here to help you make the most of your membership experience.
How often are new resources added for Premium and VIP members?
We regularly update our resources and content to provide fresh insights. New webinars, premium content, and exclusive materials are added monthly, ensuring ongoing value for our dedicated members.
Can I cancel my Membership at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your Premium Membership at any time. However, please note that there are no refunds, as all sales are final. Your access will continue until the end of the billing period.
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Novara Business Tactics
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Novara Business Tactics (N.B.T), led by our founder Kasem, is a community driven by his talent in identifying emerging market trends and turning them into successful ventures. Kasem excels at transforming small ideas into thriving businesses through strategic acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence, achieving remarkable success at a young age.

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