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OddsJuice VIP

(55 reviews)

Profitable Picks Based on OddsJuice Algorithm and Professional Experience

VIP-PP includes PrizePicks picks ONLY

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Daily Sharp Slips
250+ Profitable Player Prop Picks PER WEEK on PrizePicks (VIP) and Underdog (VIP+)
Bankroll Management
Guidance on How to Manage Unit Sizing and Bankroll
Stay Ahead of Bumped Lines
Picks are Sent Immediately After I Place Them
All Sports
Picks Cover Anywhere I Find Value: MLB, NBA, CBB, NHL, NFL, CFB, Soccer, Tennis, Esports, KBO
Bet With Confidence
I Personally Bet on Almost Every Slip Sent
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Customer reviews
4.85 out of 5
(55 reviews)
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3d ago
Genuinely the best Discord server I've been in. Litterally Tracks all his stuff so you can see all the ups and downs and he's definitely been more up then down. He just had his worst month and instead of ignoring it and just saying it happens. He got in the lab and figured out what he could do to make the slips better and had his 4th best week since he started. Gotta love OJ.
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4d ago
OJ knows his shit. I have been in many discords and none have been as good as this one. I joined at the tail end of his worst month but I stuck to it and now 3 weeks later im up over 90 units. He stays very transparent through out all of it and responds to any question and unlike a lot of these other cappers he genuinely cares. I highly recommend this discord to any one who's actually serious about making money on prizepicks.
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4d ago
Diving into OddsJuice has truly been a game-changer for my betting journey. Sure, there are streaks where luck doesn’t seem to be on my side, but hey, that's the nature of the game but that is also when you have to trust his system. When the stars align and the picks hit, they hit the jackpot! It's all about having a cool head and smart bankroll strategies, just like in any betting adventure. Trust the process, and you’ll discover that OddsJuice is the golden ticket you’ve been searching for. If you’re serious about cashing in on PrizePicks, this is your go-to. Two thumbs up!
What is the difference between VIP and VIP+?
VIP offers PrizePicks picks ONLY, while VIP+ offers PrizePicks AND Underdog picks.
How many picks will you give per day?
The number of slips and picks varies on how many games there are in a day. I aim for at least 25+ player prop picks on each book per day, but I will not force plays to reach a minimum threshold if there is no value on the board. Of course, a night with 10 NBA games will have many more picks than a night with just 2, for example.
Why don't you bet on every single pick you send?
Since I am a profitable bettor, both PrizePicks and Underdog limit the amount of money I can bet per day. I bet as much as I can everyday until I reach those limits, but if there is a good pick which I am not allowed to play, I will still send it.
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OddsJuice VIP
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

55 reviews

Sharp DFS bettors offering data-driven picks based off of the OddsJuice Algorithm

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