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Options Insider

(26 reviews)

Real Trading, Real Education, 100% Live

Joining The Options Insider Trading Community gives you full access to

  • Daily Live Trading & Intra-Day Market Commentary
  • Free Education Vault w/ Daily Uploads
  • Swing Trade Ideas Posted by DesiTrade
  • Dedicated Channel For Futures Traders
  • Daily Morning Watchlist Videos
  • Daily Technical Analysis on Equities & Futures
  • Heavy Focus on Emotional & Psychologic Control
  • Risk Management & Position Sizing Education
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Live Trading
Every morning, members join our voice chat to listen to Vincent live trade. All entries/exits are described over voice.
Live Education
During our daily voice chat, we don't only trade, we educate!
Trade Ideas
All swing trades are in a designated swing trade channel. Reasoning, entry & stop loss all provided.
Morning Watchlist
Every morning, a video is provided highlighting the top watches of the day.
Daily Technical Analysis
Every morning, you will be provided with technical analysis on major stocks & future contracts.
Structured Community
We are very focused on building community. Trading is better when you are surrounded by other likeminded individuals.
Customer Q&A
Q: Vince, are you trades over the last few days, options trades or are you trading the underlying asset?
A: Hey man! The group & I primarily trade options & futures. However, the trades are all based off of technical levels on the underlying stock. Our analysis can be used to trade any vehicle.
Asked on Jan 26, 2024
Q: Are the options alerts posted via chat as well?
A: Only swing trades are posted via text. The intra-day trades that we take over voice chat are time sensitive & need my full attention. By the time it takes for me to type out a short term scalp trade, the quality entry may be gone. Due to this, I recommend being able to listen to the trading LIVE to partake in those trades. But again, the swing trades that are not as time sensitive are posted via text.
Asked on Jan 30, 2024
Q: Do you have any custom software to trade with? Are your trade sessions full day and happen in discord or zoom or teams?
A: There is no custom software, I trade using IBKR with TOS charts. The live voice chat starts 15 minutes before open & ends around Noon eastern.
Asked on Feb 21, 2024
Q: Please help. After paying Desi_Trade, how to access his live trading/voice chat?
A: After joining, you can access the community through WHOP. Once in the community, there is a guideline provided on how to join the voice chat. Please follow the instructions on how to listen in.
Asked on Apr 17, 2024
Q: How concentrated are trade ideas in your Discord? In other Discords, with 8-10 main contributors, it's hard to follow, how does yours compare?
A: I am the only person in the group on the voice chat trading live. We have 2 other members that have their own channels who share trades but our group is mainly focused on my trading.
Asked on May 16, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(26 reviews)
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4 days ago
The education on the trading floor is priceless! And he makes it fun!
User avatar
18 days ago
Awesome group with a great lead. Desi runs this kin group perfectly professional. A lot to learn here.
User avatar
19 days ago
Different from other discords, it is not just an alert course but a lot more educational course and one that teaches strategy and how to use it. Vincent is a good teacher, authentic, and much more realistic than people in this space.
Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Absolutely! If you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Of course, before you leave I would love to receive your feedback to help improve!
Is the payment reoccuring?
Yes, when you signup your membership is set to automatically reoccur. This will continue indefinitely unless you decide to cancel your membership.
What is the refund policy?
There are no refunds available. The value we provide takes a lot of effort from myself and many other contributors. It would not be fair to anyone to receive a free pass into an exclusive group of traders.
Will I be successful?
There are no guarantees in trading. If you don’t take trading serious, don’t expect our trading community to instantly make you successful. Unfortunately, this is true with anything in life.
About the seller
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Options Insider
Trading • General

26 reviews

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Options Insider is the official Discord community for Vincent Desiano! I started this community back in 2019. After trading for 10 years & finding profitability 5 years ago, I decided to build a community of traders. Not only do I strive to help you educate yourself in the markets but I aim to build a community you feel comfortable to talk in & converse with other traders. Trading can be lonely, not usually a topic you want to discuss with your friends. However, there are millions of others just like you willing to share experiences & trade ideas. I hope you enjoy the community we have built & earn valuable experience along the way!

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