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PatternFlow - Automating Forex Alerts

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Automated Forex Harmonic Pattern Alerts & Signals!

We're not here to sell you a course or false knowledge. The so called "Trading Gurus" are all too common, we're just getting straight to the point and offering instant value.

πŸš€ Elevate Your Trading Game with HarmonicPro! πŸš€

Unlock the power of precision with HarmonicPro, your 24/7 intelligent trading ally! We bring you unparalleled automated trading alerts straight to your Telegram, meticulously sculpted through AI.

πŸ” Spot, Trade, Profit – Effortlessly! πŸ’Έ Our state-of-the-art algorithm sifts through the noise in the financial markets, identifying high-probability trading opportunities based on the elegant and powerful Harmonic Trading Patterns. From Gartley to Butterfly, we decode the markets, so you don’t have to!

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AI-Powered Harmonics
Our harmonic patterns are AI-detected, as soon as a pattern completes and is ready to trade - you're alerted!
Chart & Entry Alerts
Our alerts provide you with a live trade chart for each harmonic pattern, with entry, take-profit & stop loss levels!
Support for FX & Commodities
Our alerts cover major and minor FX pairs as well as major commodities like Gold, alongside the top 5 crypto assets.
10+ Alerts Per Day
Our service provides an excellent number of trading opportunities each day, across numerous assets and timeframes.
7 Day Trial
We want you to trust the service you're receiving, therefore you're getting 7 days of free alerts or your money back!
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(1 reviews)
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7 months ago
Great alerts so far, tested on H4+ timeframes. Useful automated charts on the telegram along with the entries and stop loss levels. Will continue with the trial since there are plenty of trade opportunities during the week day/night which is nice for different timezones, looking good so far.
Which currency pairs and timeframes do you support?
We support the top FX Majors, Minors and Exotics as well as commodities and a handful of crypto assets on H1 and above.
Can I filter which pairs I get alerted on?
Right now, we don't have this feature. We're working on it, stay tuned!
How do I use these alerts?
When our AI detects a completed pattern, we will send an alert via telegram with a chart image including entry price, exit targets and stop losses. You may choose to follow these pointers or make your own entry/exit decisions based on your own strategy. Bonus Tip: H4 and higher timeframe alerts tend to be very accurate, H1 should be used in confluence with your existing strategy.
Do you have any examples of winning trades?
Sure! Check out the images on our whop page. Just remember - harmonics are very accurate, however nothing is 100% and we encourage using this alongside your own strategy.
Do you have any trading advice?
We don't provide any trading advice, courses or other services. Our goal is to create a simple and transparent automation service.
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Trading β€’ Trading Indicators

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Automated AI-Driven Trade Alerts based on Harmonic Patterns

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