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#1 ICT Live Trading Community: Where Entertainment Meets Education

Welcome to PB Trading!

Here, you will gain access to the free side of our Discord

Beyond having the best trading community, we offer abundant educational content, including daily trade recaps, recommended content to watch, detailed descriptions of various concepts and models, valuable psychology tips, and occasional free live streams.

Join an insightful community where you will grow as a trader and an individual!

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LIVE Trading
Watch and trade alongside Blake and Patrick every day Monday - Friday at 9:30am EST
Trading Alerts
Receive signals every day from Blake and Patrick during New York Session
Weekly Giveaways
Get a chance to win up to $200,000 in funding with 1of1!
Trading Community
Active trading community where trade ideas are posted, questions are answered, and connections are made.
Charting Sessions
Market recap, psychology discussions, and live backtesting every night Monday - Friday and Sunday at 8:00pm EST.
Trading journal, essential concepts, curated content, psychology tips, and a complete beginner's guide.
24/7 Support
Ticket System to ask Blake, Patrick, and moderators any questions you may have regarding trading.
Customer Q&A
Q: I’m new to trading , any recommendations you guys have for beginners?
A: Certainly! In our Discord, we have an education category that encompasses a variety of content suitable for all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced. This includes informative content, psychology tips, discussions on different concepts, trade recaps, and a comprehensive beginner's guide.
Asked on Jan 25, 2024
Customer reviews
4.96 out of 5
(174 reviews)
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13d ago
Great Discord. Ive Already Learned So Much. After around 6 months in the free discord ive upgraded to premium. ive seen so many changed like with my phycology, everyone in premium is kind and will answer every question
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18d ago
Absolutely incredible server, I have learned a lot only being here for a week, charting sessions are incredibly helpful, Blakes model is amazing, and Patrick's model is... alright. JK anyways this server is very fun and the people are amazing!
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19d ago
If you are looking a good company for trading sessions this is a really good choice. Managed by two funny idiots which are really good at trading and they are constantly sharing their knowledge and answering your doubts. Im leaving it after 2 months and it really helped me mostly psychologically as i absorbed the way of thinking in probabilities in the future. Im leaving because i feel very confortable trading on my own now and i just dont use the same entry model but if you like IFVG this is your perfect place.
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PB Trading
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174 reviews

An educational based Live Trading community focused on building profitable traders.

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