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We never trust our guts, we trust the data. Numbers don't lie.

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Discord Access
When subscribed, you'll get access to a well managed discord with support from other members and high quality picks
Profitable Long Term
In here you will be come a long term sports better
Sports Knowlege
You will quickly learn all the basics of sports betting
Bankroll Management
You will learn how to manage your bankroll and learn how to bet via unit system
Support from other members
Everyone in the discord loves to help each other out and also encourage others not be scared and make that bet!
You will make money!!
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(15 reviews)
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2 months ago
12/12 on my books!! Host knows his plays!! Answers questions if you need help, always active 🤝🏾
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2 months ago
The lock himself! If you’re trying to remain profitable all year round, trust me this is the person to go to. This chat is also more than just a feed and literally a whole family unit trying to profit all together. Definitely helped me learn multiple ways of learning how to bet as well. Definitely worth the money ✊🏽
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2 months ago
this group a money family, discord full of very knowledgeable personas, ant & mods will get you right tbh highly recommend.
How do we become long term profitable bettors?
By not listening to your gut feeling. Here, I post all the plays for you so you don't have to do any research, but I follow a very data driven approach. There is a reason these sports books are multi-billion dollar companies, 99% of sports betters are not smarter than these billion dollar companies. You will not find a "better model" than these guys, that is why we follow the data and actually win money.
What is the difference in the subscriptions?
One difference is the length of time you'll have access in the discord and mine is not as expensive as most, other than that, any of the subscriptions get you every single play that is posted everyday.
What makes Pickembrady different from every other capper?
Every other capper bets with their heart and "gut feeling", they are giving you their opinions on who they THINK will win, that is how you lose money. Here, I find plays with value and post only plays with an edge.
What is your Contact Info if support is needed?
DM @ant.brady or @pickembrady on Instagram
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Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

15 reviews

Pickembrady is a sports betting consultant designed to provide the highest quality sports picks that are followed by a data driven approach. This is not a course, you're joining to make money and that is it. We provide the picks, you follow and you get paid very simple. We have over 200+ members and we are all making this money. NFL,NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF, NBA, MLB, and Soccer firing on all cylinders!!

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