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Restock monitors & chats for English & Japanese Trading Card Products! This includes Pokémon, One Piece, Lorcana, Dragon Ball, and more! USA+JP+Canada

If you select this option you will be added to the waitlist. At the moment, the waiting time for this $15 option is less than 1 week. For instant access subscribe to the $25 Donator Subscription.

Remember to read the rules in the server before subscribing! We do not allow members with bots or any sort of automated purchasing system as we are focused on providing for real collectors. We provide notifications and we expect our members to purchase items like a normal human. We also generally frown upon excessive trolling. So please remember to read the rules in the server because your membership could be revoked without refund for breaking rules! No shop owners.

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Premium Subscriber

Amazing & Safe Community
We currently have over 280 paid subscribers and we do not allow trolls or toxicity!
Live Inventory Updates
Stay ahead of the game with real-time monitor notifications on TCG restocks.
Only Humans, No Bots Allowed
Since we do not allow any sort of automated check-out, you'll only be interacting with real collectors!
Collector's Community Corner
Exclusive interactive chats for TCG enthusiasts to engage, discuss and freely share their strategies, insights and tips.
Other Deals & Price Drops
Price drop monitors for all categories of items on stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, LEGO, Disney, Target, & more!
Great for USA, Canada, & more!
While we mainly focus on stores shipping to USA & Canada, we also monitor some stores who ship to Europe and Japan!
Giveaways & Resources
Subscribers are eligible for additional giveaways as well as able to access resources to learn about new products!
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5 out of 5
(37 reviews)
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2 months ago
Really great community. Down to earth people. I enjoy my time on this server!
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2 months ago
Amazing server with high quality monitors. I’ve been able to get all the things I want and stop FOMOing over random drop times. Mods are super responsive to fixing issues and addressing community concerns.
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2 months ago
This server has been a godsend! So many amazing deals daily with some of the best people I've interacted with on Discord. Such a great community tonne apart of.
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Reselling • Collectibles

37 reviews

A trading card discord with restock monitors! We mainly focus on Pokémon but we also track all types of cards (English & Japanese) including One Piece, Lorcana, and Dragon Ball! If you want access to all of these monitors and chats you will have to pay a monthly subscription. Sign up today! Premium Members can request for any item on the sites listed to be monitored. This includes sports cards, consoles, graphics cards, etc as well as other types of cards and collectibles! Join the server with the link for free and to see what we offer!

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