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Profit Chasers

(12 reviews)

Meet Profit Chasers! A group of Full-Time traders here to teach you how to do the same! 💻

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Don't make at least $97 during your 14-day free trial? No worries! Enjoy 3 free months of PC, and we'll send you a PC T-shirt as a bonus!

  • Stock Scanner
  • Custom PC charting
  • Beginner course
  • Daily livestreams
  • Chatroom access
  • Group lessons
  • Text alerts
  • Trader Journal (coming soon)
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Don't make $97 in your 14-day free trial? No worries! Enjoy 3 free months of PC, and we'll send you a PC T-shirt!
In-Depth Courses!
Here the PC team teaches you how they are able to harness the power of momentum trading to rapidly grow their accounts!
Daily Livestreams!
Watch the PC team trade live daily! See their entire screen, entries, and exits!
Stock Scanner
We offer 3 stock scanners 1.) PC 5 minute movers 2.) PC top gainers 3.) PC top losers Here we can find trades!
Pro Day Trader Chatroom!
The entire PC team has Chatroom access to discuss what stocks are potentially tradeable!
Text Alerts
Never miss a trade opportunity with our text alerts! Receive texts when the team enters a trade and so much more!
Group lessons!
The PC team performs group lessons to keep you up to date w/ your trading knowledge!
PC Charting
Worlds fastest stock charting! 10x your charting speed by using PC's custom stock charts!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(12 reviews)
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a year ago
Joining the PC Team has been an emotional and life-changing decision. Over the past year, it has transformed me from an aspiring trader to a confident and successful individual. The unwavering support and genuine care coming from all the members and advisors have made all the difference. The mentorship and guidance that is provided by the PC Team is really on another level. But it wasn't just the knowledge gained that impacted me. It was the sense of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals. This course has not only given me the tools to succeed in trading but has also empowered me to embrace challenges, believe in myself, and chase my dreams fearlessly. If you're searching for a trading course that will really be a game changer, look no more. This course and team has the power to change your life. It has certainly changed mine, and I am forever grateful for the journey it has taken me on!
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a year ago
They offer a great library full of knowledge on how to become a good trader, not only that they work as a team and trade like a team.
User avatar
a year ago
Honestly I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the team Profit Chasers has created, honestly hands down the best community to interact with and trade with on a daily basis! Love the freedom PC has allowed me to have.
What makes us different?
Our team of professionals decided to build our own trading software to maximize the value given to our team. We are no lousy Discord server or telegram group, we are the #1 stock trading software and community in the world!
About the seller
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Profit Chasers
Trading • Stocks

12 reviews

Welcome to Profit Chasers—an innovative stock trading education software. Seamlessly blending comprehensive education with cutting-edge tools, we empower traders at all levels. Access a rich library, real-time market data, and engage with a vibrant community. Profit Chasers adapts to your goals with customizable learning paths and ensures a user-friendly experience. Stay ahead with continuous updates. Join us to elevate your trading journey and achieve success in the dynamic world of stocks!

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