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Our methodology regarding support and resistance surpasses the conventional, providing you with an unparalleled edge in the market. Trusted solutions.

Count on our robust data to enrich your trading expedition. We furnish you with precise support and resistance levels for each trading day, eradicating guesswork with dependable data. Our service presents these levels, empowering you to concentrate on exact executions and proficient risk management. Cease grappling with where to position your take profits or stop losses. Allow us to astound you with our solutions. Currently, we provide data for Nasdaq 100 E-mini Futures, E-mini Dow Jones ($5) Futures, Light Crude Oil Futures, US 100 Cash CFD, and WTI Crude Oil, with additional products slated for release soon.

πŸ”΅ Caution: Trading carries risks. Always stay informed. Find our risk awareness guide here. πŸ”΅

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Support & Resistance Levels
Access valuable data for day trading in the futures market with our reliable daily support and resistance levels.
Get potential price targets with our levels. Utilize this information to enhance profitability and mitigate risk.
24/7 support
Via Discord support or email: profitpowerplay@gmail.com for questions regarding levels, subscriptions and cancellations.
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(2 reviews)
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20d ago
I like the fact that under the mentorship of profitpowerplay I am able to day trade on my own. It took me over a year but I am proud of where I am now. Trading is a game of patience.
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22d ago
I recently engaged with ProfitPowerPlay, and found their service to be efficient and professional. They provided clear strategies and timely updates, enhancing my trading experience. Their discord was user-friendly, making it easy to get valuable information before taking any trades. Overall, I was satisfied with the service provided by ProfitPowerPlay.
What do I get after purchase?
Daily support and resistance levels are provided for the following financial instruments: Nasdaq 100 E-mini Futures, E-mini Dow Jones ($5) Futures, Light Crude Oil Futures, US 100 Cash CFD, and WTI Crude Oil.
Do you teach me how to trade?
Trading is a personal voyage, and we don't offer instruction on trading techniques. Instead, we provide solutions designed to elevate your trading experience and boost profitability.
Is Profitpowerplay a licensed advisor?
Profitpowerplay and this Discord server, ProfitpowerplayLLC, are not registered as an investment advisor nor a broker/dealer with either the CFTC, NFA, or any futures & securities regulatory authority. We do not have access to non-public information regarding publicly traded companies and futures contracts. Content contained in or made available through the Discord server, "ProfitpowerplayLLC", or our respective social media accounts, is not to be considered financial or investment advice. Users of this site and service are advised that all information presented is used solely for entertainment and educational purposes only, is not intended to be used as a personalized investment recommendation, and is not attuned to any specific portfolio or to any user's particular investment needs or day trading objectives. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
What is our cancelation policy?
Before being charged, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial period. Cancelling your subscription is easily managed through the Whop Dashboard.
What is your refund policy?
Paid subscriptions are non-refundable. All sales are final. ProfitpowerplayLLC does not offer any refunds for any services purchased.
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Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

2 reviews

ProfitpowerplayLLC is the official Discord community for Profitpowerplay. Nobody cares about my story. This is about you.

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