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Radio Guild

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Products & Services For Audio Pros

This is a $79 training course. This Whop deal is only $15! You will get a VIP access code to create a student account and fully access all lessons online. "Making Money in Voiceover" is a course that includes seven lessons that we start with vocal exercises and script-reading that leads up to creating a demo and marketing yourself. Not only is this course great for launching a career in voiceover but it's great for public speakers, business owners and broadcasters looking to improve their vocal delivery and presence.

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Exclusive Products
Our products and services are exclusive that cannot be found anywhere else
Over 30 Years in business
We started out as a small recording studio in Modesto, California in 1993. Throughout the years, we've expanded
For Audio Professionals
We specialize in audio, music, media, broadcast industries. Our products and services target the niche audio profession
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5 out of 5
(1 reviews)
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3 months ago
Was skeptical because of the price, but got a great deal on the membership, the process was quick and easy and I'll be ordering other services in the near future.
What is RadioGuild?
Radio Guild is an association uniting broadcasters, DJs, recording artists, podcasters, and audio experts nationwide. Our mission is to champion broadcasters' interests, bolster broadcasting quality and expansion, foster content and technological advancement, and showcase the vital role stations play in their communities.
What is Phonic Guild?
Phonic Guild provides exclusive training courses includes specific techniques that help you absorb and duplicate what professional broadcaster Allen Edwards teaches. This helps you move forward quicker than other courses.
What products and/or services to you offer?
Audio industry membership, national news services, radio programming, online vocal training courses, IP radio stations, national podcasts. We are an organization for audio professionals, DJs, radio stations, podcasters, voiceover artists, broadcasters and more!
What is the Dailycast Text To Speech?
Dailycast TTS Accurately converts text to speech powered by leading Cloud AI Technologies. One of the huge difference between DailycastAI and other Text To Speech services is that we bring the leading cloud AI technologies all in one place. Major TTS providers come together on our platform. You get top-notch, realistic voice services from the biggest providers right here, all in one suite.
About the seller
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Radio Guild
Business • Productivity

1 review

Radio Guild is a audio professional organization that provides tools, resources and platforms for radio stations, podcasters, air personalities, DJs and media professionals. We have a variety of websites that specialize in the audio, broadcast, media industry.

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