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Resell Gods

(8 reviews)

Make an extra $1000+ per month! We have everything larger groups have plus more at a lower cost. Try our entire Discord Free for 60 days!

Stop overpaying! We give you the same great leads as the other guys and more! We offer guides and expert analysis to help you succeed. Learn from a Full Time Eccomerce seller business owner with 14+ years experience!

Try Free for 60 days!

We give you all the information you need to make money online! Whether you're looking to elevate your business or just getting started, Resell Gods is the most cost effective group on the market at $30/mo

Get the Latest Leads, Price Errors in real time , and Expert Insight

Owned and operated by Resell Gods LLC

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Latest Leads
24/7 monitoring for any and all profitable product releases.
Automatic Checkout
Get ahead of the competition and utilize automation and bots.
Ebay/Etsy/Amazon University
We'll help you take your selling accounts to the next level with advice from industry veterans.
Trading Card Game Arbitrage
When prices are different overseas for TCGs, we exploit them for profit. Callouts and Middleman services to get packages
Price Errors
Retailers make mistakes, and when they accidentally put items on sale we let you know!
Sneaker Reselling
Our Sneaker monitors ensure you stay notified for limited edition drops.
Ticket Reselling
Concerts , Sporting Events, and more! We've seen people score cars with these profits.
Yardsale & Thrift Guides
We inform you of items to target and how to increase your success rate at yardsales and thrift stores.
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Customer reviews
4.5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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4 months ago
Great group, made like 700$ in my first week(got lucky not gonna happen to everyone) but there’s tons of channels with tons of different cooks and opportunities and if you put in an a couple hours a day you can easily break 1-2k a month and with the membership being like 30$ it’s really good. Especially with other cook groups being 70-90$ and just regurgitating the same information while this group actually finds good cooks it’s well worth it, highly recommend.
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5 months ago
Been in Resell God’s group since last November! The leads pay for the membership! Awesome Community! Early notifications make for easy cops on limited releases! Don’t sleep & Join Up!!!
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5 months ago
Gives really good products to resell. Easy to navigate around the server.
I am new to reselling. How can you help?
We offer numerous guides including ebay, credit cards, yardsale, and more to ensure you have all the information available that is needed to succeed.
When did Resell Gods originate?
We are a new group beginning 2023. But don't let the age fool you. We are experienced eccomerce sellers with over 12 years of experience.
What will the future of Resell Gods be like?
We have extensive plans for automation , upgrades, bots and more! We hope to see you stick around as we continue to expand.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a trial before you're charged to ensure your satisfaction! If you're not happy, you can cancel before your trial is over and you will not be charged.
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Resell Gods
Reselling • E-Commerce

8 reviews

We have all the latest leads and then some! Lower cost than competitors and we provide premium insight from industry vets. We offer a free premium trial before you have to pay a dime. This is not even our final form. Stick around as we continue to empower members and work to take over the reselling group market.

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