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RG Freebies

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The Best Freebies Automation software

Gain exclusive access to our revolutionary software that brings free items directly to your doorstep! Our cutting-edge platform tirelessly scours the web for incredible coupon codes from top box retailers, ensuring you never miss out on amazing deals.

All Freebie Members get 1 slot, with the option to purchase more.

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Free & heavily discounted items from stores like Amazon
1 Freebies Account Slot
Additional slots are available
Deal Consignment
Looking to earn extra money? Utilize our group's server to sell the freebies you acquire!
Customer Support
24/7, customized support from members of the community that will help you succeed.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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9 months ago
The group has all the flips and freebies one needs to last quite a long time!
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9 months ago
Freebies , discounted items , price errors , items worth for resale and more. This group is worth joining to save and / or make some money.
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10 months ago
This group is legit, one of the cheapest and great ones out there!
How do I join the RG Freebies Discord group?
To join RG Freebies, simply click on the Premium Server section above and follow the registration process. Once you claim the roles, you'll receive an invitation to join our exclusive Discord community.
What benefits do I get as a member of RG Freebies?
As a member of RG Freebies, you gain access to exclusive deals, receive free items delivered to your doorstep through our innovative software, and enjoy significant savings on a variety of products and services. Our automated checkout process saves you time and effort, while also offering reselling opportunities to maximize your earning potential.
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RG Freebies
Personal Finance • Side Hustles

5 reviews

Welcome to RG Freebies! Access our software for free items delivered to your door. We find unbeatable coupon codes, automate checkout, and you can enjoy or resell the items. Join us for savings and surprises!

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