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Showcase, Compete, Triumph: Where Your Unique Talent Gets the Recognition It Deserves.

Risk It Talent Showcase on Whop: Free 3-Day Trial

Embark on your Risk It journey with our exclusive 3-day free trial, available on Whop! Discover the thrill of showcasing your unique talent to a global audience without any cost. During this trial period, you'll experience the excitement of featuring your talent on our dynamic social media platforms.

Trial Highlights:

Feature Your Talent: Get a taste of the spotlight as your talent takes center stage on our social media channels. Audience Exposure: Connect with a diverse and engaged audience. Community Engagement: Start building connections with fellow creators and fans. Discover the Thrive: Immerse yourself in the thriving talent showcase community. Trial Limitations:

One Video Posting: During the 3-day trial, users can post one video to showcase their talent. Post Limitation: Trial users won't have the ability to choose the time and date for their video posting. Unleash your potential with Risk It – start your 3-day free trial on Whop today! NOTE: There will be a winner on Tik Tok and on instagram every month. Your video will be posted to both.

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Risk It

Global Showcase
Reach a worldwide audience as your talents are showcased on a global stage, connecting you with viewers and creators.
Community Interaction
Engage with a vibrant community of fellow creators, share insights, and build connections.
Prize-Winning Competitions
Stand a chance to win enticing prizes, from cash rewards to unique opportunities, adding an extra thrill to your journey
Fan Frenzy
Rack up views, show your talent and claim victory in the ultimate talent showdown decided solely by views and likes.
Variety of Talent
Whether you're a singer, comedian, artist, or tech innovator, our platform caters to a diverse range of talents.
Customer Q&A

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5 months ago
I will be continuing this subscription because I believe in the company and the tik tok page to grow. Best of luck to everyone else who enters in the contests this month, and in the future!!
Why would I go through Risk It instead of just posting on my own page?
While we encourage you to continue posting on your own page, choosing Risk It opens doors to heightened recognition and faster income opportunities. Our platform is designed to amplify your talent, providing a unique chance to stand out and thrive beyond what you'd achieve by posting solo, so if you are ready to elevate your content to new heights. Take a chance with Risk It :)
How does the judging process work?
At Risk It, the judging process is straightforward and community-driven. Your video's success is solely determined by the number of views and likes it receives. We believe in the power of your audience – the more views and likes you accumulate, the higher your chances of securing victory and enjoying the spotlight in our talent community.
What does access to the telegram do for me?
Access to our Telegram community offers you several advantages. Firstly, you get a sneak peek at videos before they hit TikTok, giving you early exposure and a chance to engage with fellow talents. Additionally, it's your direct line to the Risk It team, providing an opportunity to discuss your entries and receive valuable insights before your videos go public on our platform. Telegram is not just a submission portal; it's your backstage pass to enhance your overall Risk It experience.
Is There an Age Restriction for Participants?
Participants must be 18 years or older to join Risk It. However, we welcome talented individuals under 18 with parental consent. Ensuring a safe and positive experience for all participants is our priority, and parental consent is required for users below the age of 18.
How Often Are Competitions Held?
Competitions at Risk It are held with thrilling regularity – once every month! Prepare to showcase your talent on a monthly stage, where winners not only earn the spotlight but also seize the opportunity to claim a coveted cash prize. Stay tuned to our event calendar, and let your journey to stardom begin!
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Risk It
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At Risk It, we empower individuals seeking recognition and a substantial social media following. Our platform provides an opportunity for users to showcase compelling and viral-worthy content on TikTok. Successful participants not only stand a chance to gain fame but also have the potential to earn significant cash rewards. Join us in transforming your creative endeavors into a pathway for recognition and financial rewards.

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