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#9 Top Charts
(2175 reviews)

Join The Top 1% of Sports Betters With SecuredPicks🌎

💰Join Premium to get 5-8 Daily Slips💰

Members Profit an AVG of $1K-$10K+ Each Month (20-100+ Units)

🔥What's in Premium Access:


  • ✅In-depth stats W/ FULL explanations📝


  • ✅Tips & tricks to stay profitable consistently⚠️

  • ✅24/7 Late-night & early morning plays🎯

  • ✅Research by 5 knowledgeable cappers🧠

  • ✅Best Sports Community: Group Chat W/ The Boys💬

💰 Why Join?

SecuredPicks is more than just dropping picks, we are a community of like-minded sports lovers run by a team that genuinely cares for its members. You will get 24/7 chat support and engagement from myself, Tyson & my research team. In Premium, we also include incredibly valuable tips/tricks on bankroll management, unit control, and way more down to the stats/research we post for every single prop. We guide you through everything from how many slips to place to how much to place, and anything else you need help with. You will no longer be sports betting alone, you will be a part of a constant active community of sports betters who all want the same thing... TO HAVE FUN AND WIN!!

  • Completing your purchase to SecuredPicks means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, including our cancellation and refund policy. All sales are final. 🚀
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Statistical Betting
Use our in-depth analysis & reasoning for each slip to give you and advantageous edge!
Early Plays
One of the best perks are our early plays! Never worry about bumps or plays getting taken off!
Mod Slips
5 active mods posting daily in different sports all backed with the best stats for you to choose from!
Smart Gambling
Use our bankroll management tips and tricks to consistently stay in the green!
Customer Q&A
Q: how do i get the discord roll
A: After you purchase your membership, you are prompted to claim your roles, once you claim roles and connect your discord you will automatically be able to access all channels within the discord!
Asked on May 17, 2023
Q: i can’t see see the premium still
A: Make sure you have your discord connected to Whop and you properly claim your roles after purchasing. You can find a confirmation email with the option to claim your role!
Asked on May 21, 2023
Customer reviews
4.68 out of 5
(2175 reviews)
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11d ago
Tapped in and the boys have taken my small $100 balance to over 1k in about 2 weeks. Been on three other discords in the past but no one even comes close to the goats at SecuredPick’s. Thank you boys. Let’s keep printing this cash
User avatar
17d ago
Love the Discord
User avatar
25d ago
Got my moneys worth first two days I was in the discord definitely worth it ✅
How is This Worth it?
SecuredPicks offers value in its plays; all it takes is one play to make your money back. Our plays have the strongest conviction based on their statistical analysis to back up its odds.
How Will I Do in The SecuredPicks Community?
We have a very positive and fun environment in our community. Mods monitor chats to enforce a positive and exciting environment making our discord server the most enjoyable experience we can provide.
How Will I Access The Server?
Once you place your purchase you will automatically receive the "PREMIUM MEMBER" role in discord and all the premium channels will unlock. You will be given an invite link to join. If you cancel your membership these channels will disappear.
How Can I Cancel?
Head over to your whop hub and click cancel membership. Easy as that!
About the seller
Sports Picks • NBA

2175 reviews

Whop Verified

Top Charts

Complete statistical sports betting and analytic information provided to you by 4 cappers. Our community offers in-depth analytical data on all picks with high chances of success for you to easily cash out.

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