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We are excited to announce Selective, the latest Australian Discord community dedicated to maximizing your success in a multitude of markets including Sneaker Reselling, Matched Betting and Crypto markets. Our platform offers various income-generating strategies and personalised one-on-one meetings to help members excel. We specialize in acquiring sneakers from both Australian and exclusive international sites, ensuring access to the rarest pairs. With a team boasting years of industry expertise, Selective is committed to guiding you towards achieving optimal profits.

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Sneakers and Apparel Cooks
Purchase the newest sneaker and apparel releases with the support of our great team and informative guides
Crypto Trading
Trade crypto, meme coins, short and long positions with a team of over 5 years professional experience
Lowkey Flips
Receive exclusive leads on alternative items that fetch high resell prices in the aftermarket
Matched Betting
Place and follow tips from profession punters that are guaranteed to help you profit seen from their winnings
Business Related Skills
Learn useful lifelong skill that may be helpful for the opening of future businesses and investments
Ticket Flips
Have the opportunity to purchase exclusive tickets with write-ups and help from our team
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(10 reviews)
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5d ago
The retail deals these guys drop are insane! Highly recommend for any reseller looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd!
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5d ago
Selective has really helped me in terms of learning and growing as a reseller, Within my first week i managed to make $700+ profit with just their instore info and matched betting channels.The admins are very smart and always there to help you so you are always on track and are never stuck. With their crypto channels i managed to make $100 profit in my first day of learning. Making money has never been easier with selective.
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15d ago
It has almost been 3 weeks upon joining selective and what a journey itโ€™s been so far. Without exaggerating the staff in this group are without a doubt the most knowledgeable and helpful (having been in almost every cook group in Australia). From a variety of cooks including limited sneakers where there is low competition when it comes to selling, crypto and matched betting. Whilst my focus has been more aimed at sneakers, iโ€™ve managed to net over $500 off of 1 pair, and $1000s more off other under retail pairs. To anyone debating about joining, simply take the risk !
What is Selective Official?
Selective Official is a group of like minded members who all have similar goals : make money through multiple forms
Is there any lock in payments for Selective Official?
Selective Official has no lock in contracts, your membership can be canceled anytime you want
How much is a membership?
Our memberships are $150 AUD per month, this includes everything we provide
What platform is Selective Official on?
We use discord to run the group, which can be accessed from desktop, or mobile phones
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Selective Official
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10 reviews

This group is about helping those who want to make money and live comfortably. By creating multiple income streams this maximises overall profits and, allows members to rely on the methods within the group to make money.

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