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SerendipityOA's Money Team

(8 reviews)

#1 Canadian e-commerce team working everyday to put more profit in your pocket.

Our community is focused around Canadian e-commerce featuring industry leading tools & information to put more profits in your pockets.

Check out the intro video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ciwve6OV9Io

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Green Team, In store, Amazon, Deals, eBay, Collectibles, General Resell, Sneakers, Lowkey Flips, Local Flips, Ticket Flips, Investments, Stocks & Crypto, Sports Betting, Retail Monitors, Auto Checkout, Settlements & Webinars, Wholesale, Lego, Vinyl, Freebies

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Great Community
We have an excellent community of like minded Canadian resellers from all walks and in all spaces.
Restock Monitors
With industry leading monitors, get notified within seconds of hard to find and your favorite products being restocked.
Amazon Seller Watch (Beta)
Automatically monitor your favorite competitors storefronts & get pinged with any new products they stock.
Lowkey Flips
We have flips that fly under the radar of major hype releases that no one else has.
Deals & Price Errors
Our team of professionals & bots actively scrape the web to bring fresh deals & price errors to the team every day.
Sneaker Central
Everything sneakers; we have industry leading information on drops, raffles, restock monitors & more.
Investments, Stocks & Crypto
Up to date news, calls & watchlists.
So Much More
We have tons of additional tools, chats & flips all around e-commerce & community. Check us out!
Customer Q&A
Q: Is it for all Amazon business model like wholesale , private label, online or retail arbitrage?
A: We are Amazon forward and that is where most of our members come from (specifically OA, RA and Wholesale with a few very large PL sellers) however we offer much more on top of Amazon!
Asked on Feb 26, 2024
Customer reviews
4.5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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5 months ago
Amazing group! Wish I had found them sooner. Great community and solid leads all day long.
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5 months ago
Very impressed by the in depth tools and resources available. With the amount of information and tools/callouts it easily covers the monthly fee!
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6 months ago
Great friendly community. Tons of deals.
Who is this for?
Our community is for anyone in the Canadian e-commerce space; specifically for those involved in Amazon FBA, eBay, Sneaker Flippers, Investors etc. however anyone looking to get their feet wet or that would like access to our tools is welcome!
Are the restock notifications provided to me personally or the entire server?
The restock pings are channel based and anyone in the server can view them.
What stores can I get restock notifications for?
As of Sept 2023, we currently have restock monitors for 50+ different stores and scraper monitors for 40+ different stores (all Canadian focused) & we are always adding new additions.
Is there a cap on total restock monitors?
All bots have limitations & we do have overall caps for restocks as a collective. During our beta, we will not be putting any specific caps on anyone however as the server grows, limitations will likely be introduced. If you attempt to abuse the system, your monitor requests may be rejected.
About the seller
Ecommerce β€’ FBA

8 reviews

SerendipityOA is a Amazon FBA lead list company and public community specifically built for Canadians selling on the Amazon FBA platform.

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