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(2 reviews)

LLM-based scraper bots that notify you.

A simple platform built for 1 task: track stuff online.

  1. Give it a link
  2. Tell it what to look out for (price changes, mentions, stats, etc.) in natural language
  3. It sends an email when the event happens.
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Serverful Dashboard

Real-time alerts
Our intelligent notification system immediately alerts you if a condition is met—from sports odds to sentiment analysis.
No code, proxies, or headaches
Deploy notification bots without writing a single line of code or figuring out proxies..
Unlimited, free trial
Get 10 free credits on sign up (about 50 bot runs) & only pay if you need more.
AutoGPT-powered bots
Serverful agents can analyse data, execute code & do so much more on the fly to make sure you get notified on time.
24/7 support
Our team's there at every moment to make sure you get the most out of your bot.
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Customer reviews
4 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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9 months ago
I've been using Serverful as one of the first users & am continuously impressed by the product and support. It's easy to use, the bots are smart & just works out of the box, 5/5!
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6 months ago
Really just nine trying it
What can I use the bots for?
Serverful's bots can be used in a variety of ways. Here're some ways you can enjoy it like other users: From monitoring your favorite sports teams' betting odds across various sportsbooks to tracking fluctuating prices on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, our platform can do it all. Interested in real estate? The bot can scan popular websites for new listings that match your criteria. Cryptocurrency traders can stay up-to-date with price swings and news events. Frequent travelers can be notified when airline fares drop for their preferred destinations or when new travel deals are available. If you need to stay on top of a certain topic, the bot can monitor news outlets and blogs, or for collectors and bargain hunters, it can keep an eye on online auctions. Weather changes, academic research publications, or competitor movements - no matter what you need to track, our platform has you covered.
What can a notification bot do?
Simply put, a bot allows you to define some rules & receive updates from webpages — all in natural language. However, bot are quite smart, with access to the internet, code execution & built on AutoGPT. So you can ask them to check multiple sites, figure correlations & analyse data before notifying you.
Can a bot perform a task from my side?
Not yet. Currently, bots can only check info on a page and get back to you on your phone or email if any expected updates are there. However, fret not, we're working on this, and if you feel like this is something you need — ping us!
Can I check it out before subscribing or purchasing credits? How does pricing work?
Absolutely, try it on the basic plan which gives you 10 credits for free. We're confident you'll love Serverful. All bots require credits to run. You can purchase $10 worth of credits (approx. 50 bot runs) directly from Whop, & we'll credit your account. Credit purchase is also available directly from your Serverful dashboard page.
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Life Hacks • AI

2 reviews

Serverful offers a user-friendly platform for building and deploying intelligent bots. Stay updated on changes from your favorite websites, track prices of your preferred items, and more. Customize your bot to do what you want.

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