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An exclusive discord community for betting

Experience the difference with Positive EV on Discord. For $19.99 every 7 days, unlock access to a vibrant, dynamic community. Try a 7 day free trial with us to get involved in engaging conversations, gain insights, and form lasting relationships. Dive into the world of Positive EV today!

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Unlock Data-Driven Picks: ABT utilizes Data and historical statistics to find edges within the market to find winners.
Profit Tracking
Receive transparent tracking, to showcase the winning potentials you can join in, whilst being transparent about winners
Smart Gambling
Use our bankroll management tips and tricks to consistently stay in the green!
Value-based picks
Receive handpicked selections for top-tier sports to amplify your profits.
Exclusive giveaways
Gain automatic entry into frequent giveaways with MASSIVE rewards!
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7 months ago
Wow good work!
How do I use the handpicked selections for betting?
We provide a guide with each selection that explains how to place bets effectively.
What is a bankroll management tip you'd suggest?
Our tips include determining a specific amount for each bet based on a percentage of your total bankroll.
How does your service ensure transparency in tracking?
We keep a transparent record of all picks and outcomes on our platform.
Are these picks available on International Bookies besides AUS?
Yes Absolutely!
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Sports Picks β€’ General

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Our platform offers an exclusive and dynamic discord community tailored for enthusiasts in the betting realm. Our focus is on providing top-tier sports picks to help you drive and amplify your profits. Combining our expertise in statistics and analytics, we offer data-driven insights that cut through the noise and give you the winning edge. We're not just about winning though, we're about managing your resources wisely for consistent success. Alongside our advanced selection and bankroll management tips, we also offer complete transparency in tracking and presenting results, fostering trust in our community. For an added thrill, we arrange regular giveaways with huge rewards. Join our community today and take your betting game to the next level!

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