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Start Your Profitable Sports Betting Journey Today

Welcome to SharpMoney discord! If your goal is to become a profitable sports bettor, you’re in the right place! "SharpMoney" was created by a group of experienced and profitable sports bettors who aim to help you be successful in your betting endeavors.

The "SharpMoney" custom sports betting bot identifies 50+ bets per day that project a positive expected value using a unique algorithm designed by the professional bettors at "SharpMoney". The bot has a proven track record of producing profitable bets. Along with the bot-produced bets, you will receive call-outs form 3 of the sharpest sports bettors who place bets based on their own data and research.

Join a community of passionate sports bettors and get your hands on that money!

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Premium Member, Basic Membership

Positive EV Bot
You will receive access to a Bot that identifies value in the sport betting market!
You will receive daily callouts from proven profitable sports bettors!
Postitive EV promos
The “SharpMoney” team will identify promos and boosts that present an edge!
Community Chat
Engage in conversations with other like minded sports bettors. Talk about your favorite team or bet with the community!
Customer Q&A
Q: I’m a Canadian better, will I have any issues with using your program/s? Thx for any info regarding this matter
A: Thanks for reaching out! We have many Canadian users and offer Draftkings, FanDuel, MGM, Caesars, Fliff, Betonline and BetRivers! I’m not sure which ones you gave access to but that’s what we offer for books!
Asked on May 12, 2024
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(13 reviews)
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9 days ago
Joining SharpMoney has been a game-changer for me. In just a month since joining, I'm already profitable at +6.89% ROI (+37.80u) thanks to the expert insights and supportive community. The detailed analyses, timely tips, and strategic discussions have greatly enhanced my understanding of value betting. The camaraderie among members is fantastic, making it not only a learning experience but also a lot of fun. The price is unbeatable as well. I can’t thank the SharpMoney team enough for create such a great product. Highly recommend for anyone looking to up their betting game and achieve consistent profits!
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12 days ago
NC legalized sports betting in the middle of March 2024, and I was pumped! I signed up for all the legal books in NC, got all the promotion money, and started hitting bets on NCAA men’s basketball. I had no clue what a unit size was or that sports books could have such divergent odds. I basically changed my bet size based on my confidence of the pick and chose the book based on how much money I had left in it. Using a combination of luck and ACC knowledge, I made a pretty good amount of money during the ACC tourney and March Madness tourney. April came, and my good fortune abruptly ended. I started losing and then chasing my losses, only to lose more. I was still up compared to what I had initially deposited into each book, but I was about to stop and just withdraw all the remaining money. Luckily, I found the Sharp Money Discord , and watched a couple YouTube videos by @ClosingDime that got me interested in trying the free trial. This choice was a game changer, and I was introduced to everything from bankroll management to following trends with the +EV bot. I now feel like a much more informed, disciplined, and motivated sports bettor thanks to the guidance of this community. I like that we are not constantly fed “locks” and “whales”, but are instead educated on how to make informed decisions. I am now recovering from April with a pretty awesome May ROI (including a week of 3 top 10% Pikkit bettors), and I am excited for what the future holds with this group. Thanks Sharp Money team! For reference, April ROI -12.87% and May ROI +9.06%
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15 days ago
In trying something new, I started looking at fanduel than found pikkit and started a learning endeavor on sports gambling. Once I found closingdime and his sharp money I found 2 others that are on the entrepreneur leaderships with the goals of helping and teaching others the tools and trades of learning how to bet professionally and make as much money as you can. Not to mention you cant beat the price they offer to help you in learning what you need to know with the bots they have and the calls they give you will definitely more than make your money for the price they offer.
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“SharpMoney” was built by “Jaysplays” “ClosingDime” and “MathWins”. We share the same interests and passions about sports betting. The three of us love finding profitable sports bets, building communities and teaching others what we have learned. We have come together to form one large community. Our discord is different than most because we offer callouts from all 3 cappers and include a positive EV Bot with an algorithm designed by the 3 of us!

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