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Earn Money with your TikTok Videos!

Maximize your TikTok content for income with our unique platform! Harness our tested strategies to convert your videos into a steady cash flow. With a dedicated account manager, premium viral insights and our comprehensive monetization guide, we'll help you create a thriving digital empire from scratch. Experience the transformation of going from TikTok user to successful content entrepreneur. Your journey to online earnings success starts here!

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Cash Creator
Turn every TikTok into cash. Easy, quick money-making magic! We show you how.
Financial freedom
We'll show you how to build with TikTok that goes far beyond your usual income.
Monetization master way
Our ultimate guide to TikTok monetization will make you a master of online earning. Build a digital empire.
Exclusive secret tricks
With our secret tricks we show you how you can go viral with your videos from one day to the next
Dedicated account manager
For all your questions, we will provide you an dedicated account manager who will support and help you on your way.
Step by step guide
We accompany you from day 1 until you finally become successful
Secret and exclusive meetings
We only want to show our premium customers what is really important to go viral.
Physical & virtual certificate
We honor premium customers exclusively through our course. By post to your home.
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6 months ago
course is clear and understandable on discord. more pdf documents are welcome
What does the "Short Form Money" course involve?
In our online course, we show our premium customers how to use different methods such as video creation guides, virality techniques, monetization strategies and personal brand management on TikTok. Through this achieved course, we want to show that you can earn money on TikTok through videos with little effort
What requirements do I need to fulfill to take part in the course?
You don't need any knowledge, as you will learn this through our courses. The only thing you need is a Discord account to access our exclusive premium content
How does the right of withdrawal apply here?
As our company operates in Germany, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal with Short Form Money. However, we charge a €4.99 value replacement fee, as you have access to all content from the time of purchase. If you have also ordered our physical certificate, we will also charge a fee of €4.99 for this. (German Civil Code § 357d & § 357 section 8)
What does "PHYSICAL CERTIFICATE" mean for Premium membership?
With your own personal physics certificate, we confirm your participation in the course and the experience and knowledge you have gained as a result. We believe that our course is so valuable that it should definitely be awarded a certificate with a hand-signed signature from our founders.
What does the support provided by a dedicated account manager involve?
We will assign you your own dedicated account manager at the beginning on request. This means that if you have any questions about our course, they will support you and give you the time you need. Example: You've uploaded a video but it hasn't gone viral and only has a few hundred views. Thanks to your own dedicated account manager, you can contact him and he will analyze why this might be the case and give you solutions for your next video.
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Short Form Money
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Turn your passion for TikTok into a source of income - directly from home! Our innovative startup from Germany will show you how. With our exclusive course, you'll learn how to create engaging videos, place them successfully on TikTok and achieve an impressive reach. Take the chance now to get started with our expert tips. Your future as a TikTok success awaits - secure your access to the course now!

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