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Cash with over 20,000 active clients. We have a package for EVERYONE!

What You Get:

Baller Package: Ultimate Sports Betting Experience

Unlock the ultimate sports betting experience with our exclusive Baller Package, offering comprehensive coverage across all major sports for the dedicated enthusiast. This elite package grants you an all-access pass to expert picks in MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, World Cup soccer, and major fighting events, spanning from your purchase date for the duration of your subscription.

Choose Your Plan:

Annual Access: Get 1 FULL YEAR of expert sports betting guidance for $3,700. Dive into a year-round betting strategy that spans all seasons, all games, and all victories. Hall of Fame Access: Elevate your game with our 5-YEAR subscription for just $6,499. This long-term investment in your betting prowess promises to deliver consistent value, unparalleled insights, and the opportunity to capitalize on every major sporting event for half a decade. The Baller Package is meticulously designed for those who take their sports betting seriously. With it, you're not just betting; you're setting the stage for monumental wins across the board. Whether it's the heat of the MLB playoffs, the intensity of the NBA finals, the strategy of NFL matchups, the thrill of NHL games, the global spectacle of the World Cup, or the adrenaline of fight night, you're covered.

No more second-guessing. No more missed opportunities. Just solid, expert-backed picks that guide you through the world of sports betting with confidence and finesse. Your subscription starts the moment you sign up, opening the door to a world where every game, match, and fight offers a chance for victory.

Step into the arena armed with the best: the Baller Package. It's not just a subscription; it's your ticket to the winners' circle.

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Customer Q&A
Q: Hey I’m new to this just suscribe, someone know what app or website we using to to the bets for the fights ? Thank you
A: Go to sithlordchamba IG and in his bio he’ll have a link. Use Mybookie site and you’ll get a free bonus.
Asked on Mar 9, 2024
Q: Just joined your package. But if don’t get access to telegram ?
A: You have to click the link and join the chat.
Asked on Mar 17, 2024
Q: What platform do you use for your parlays?
A: Underdog fantasy but can be used with PP
Asked on Mar 15, 2024
Q: I bought the parlay monthly package. I clicked on ig bio for mybookie and downloaded the underdog app. Not sure where to go from there
A: For parlays you’ll only need the underdog app. My plays are made to be played there.
Asked on Mar 21, 2024
Q: I just purchased The UFC fights I received a text message, but I’m new to this I don’t understand. Is there anyway that you can guide me a little bit
A: Once you purchase you’ll join my telegram chat There I send plays and you bet on those plays exactly as shown as straight bets. Plug and play. You can use Mybookie or bovada use the link in my IG bio for bonus codes that give you free betting money.
Asked on Mar 16, 2024
Customer reviews
4.86 out of 5
(77 reviews)
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8d ago
The best 🐐🤷‍♂️
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8d ago
Best sport better in the game max bet package recommended 100% you can make your money back in one day and profit the rest of the month!
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8d ago
Best plays in the game totally with the $599 you can make it back in a day! From there you got the rest of the month to profit usually gives a free play besides the one he gives out already!
What's your refund policy?
All packages are final sale, no refunds.
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Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

77 reviews

Whop Verified

I am a professional sports gambler who bets hundreds of thousands of dollars a month who sells my exact personal plays based on packages. Once you pay for the package you prefer, I will add you to a group chat on telegram where you will receive my picks in real-time. (The Telegram app can be found in your App Store or Google Play store)

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