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Skyridge is the ultimate CLI toolbox, account generator and requestbased mailclient!

♻️3Ds Solver:

  • Revolut Business
  • Revolut Personal


✔️Nike SNRKS:

  • Requestbased Nike SNRKS Generator
  • Requestbased Nike SNRKS Checker
  • Requestbased Nike SNRKS Reverifier
  • Browserbased Nike SNRKS Farmer/ Warmer
  • Requestbased Nike SNRKS Order Tracker
  • Requestbased Nike SNRKS EA Checker
  • Requestbased Nike SNRKS Clip Checker


✔️ Adidas Confirmed:

  • Requestbased Adidas Confirmed Account Generator
  • Requestbased Adidas Confirmed Account Farmer/ Warmer


🛃Email Management:

  • Full Requestbased mailcontrol, designed to handle over 100k Emails simultaneously
  • Email Downloader - download your rafflewins in seconds, export winning mails to CSV
  • Email Scraper - scrape your invoice links, or just scrape for custom links in your mails in seconds
  • Mailbox Cleaner
  • Newsletter Unsubscriber
  • Custom scraping and downloading profiles



  • Link Opener
  • Spoofer Browser
  • Geocoder
  • Address J1gger



  • Requestbased Outlook Generator
  • Requestbased Outlook Forwarder
  • Requestbased Outlook Unclipper
  • Outlook Clip Checker
  • Outlook Clip Bypass



  • Browserbased Gmail Generator
  • Browserbased Gmail Forwarder
  • Gmail Clip Checker



  • Requestbased Yahoo Generator
  • Requestbased Yahoo AppPassword adder



We have by far the best Web solution on the market currently, with almost no clips!

  • Requestbased Web Generator
  • Requestbased Web Forwarder



  • Requestbased iCloud Generator
  • Requestbased iCloud Forwarder
  • Requestbased iCloud Scraper


✉️2 Other low-key email providers


🎫 TicketM:

  • Requestbased Account Generator


💻OS Support:

  • Windows
  • MacOS


🆘24/7 Support

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3Ds Solver:
Revolut Business, Revolut Personal
Full requestbased toolbox Generator, Checker, Reverifier, Farmer, Order Tracker, Exclusive Access Checker, Clip Checker
Full requestbased toolbox Generator, Forwarder, Unclipper, Clip Checker, Clip Bypass
Full requestbased Generator and AppPassword adder
Full requestbased Generator and Forwarder
Requestbased Generator, Forwarder, Scraper
Requestbased Generator
OS Support
MacOS and Windows fully supported
Customer question & answers
with gui ?
Skyridge is CLI based which allows people to run more than 1k tasks effortless, its easier to setup a CLI bot with just mass editing a CSV file.
Customer reviews
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1 month ago
great server! the staff and the owner are very helpful, all the services work very well.
Purchased 2 months ago
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2 months ago
Easy to use and understand, good module ------5
Purchased 2 months ago
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2 months ago
Very easy to use and fast to understand everything. Skyridge showed me that a CLI-based program is much easier to use then a GUI-based AND less traffic is needed. All in all works perfect for me (using macOS M1). Thank You a lot for the Tool❤️
Purchased 2 months ago
What OS types does Skyridge supports?
Skyridge runs on Windows and MacOS.
Do I need any experience for using Skyridge?
No, we have dedicated guides to ensure the best setups for our users.
Are you planning to release other Features?
Yes, we are always working on new solutions and suggestions from our community.
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Introducing Skyridge, the premier toolbox, account generator, and request-based mail client designed specifically for and by raffle botters. Experience unparalleled speed, reliability, and efficiency without compromising performance. Skyridge is indispensable for managing non-forwarding emails such as Yahoo and AOL in raffles, and it's also compatible with WebDE, Outlook, and other mail providers. Say goodbye to the hassle of forwarding emails. Our top-notch modules stand as the most dependable account generators on the market. We offer the finest setups and guarantee minimal clips, ensuring a seamless experience. Both botters and account businesses are warmly invited to join the Skyridge community.

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