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SPX Sports

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Your Bookie will go broke.

Start making your bookie cry with Monthly Sports Picks in our Discord community. Gain access to top weekly picks aimed to maximize your winnings, not your bookie's. Equip yourself with essential knowledge to handle your bankroll as a business. Features comprise of:

  • Access to ALL picks weekly 🏈 💪
  • Intro 101 Guide 🧠

By purchasing, you affirm acceptance of our terms, including cancel and refund policy. All sales are final, and while refund requests are entertained, they're not guaranteed.

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All In Package

Bankrupting your Bookie
Get the top plays each week to make your pockets fatter, not your bookie.
Bankroll Management
Understand how to manage your bankroll to treat betting like a business instead of a game.
Betting 101 Guide
We give you access to our free video guide on how to place bets and understand the different meanings of bets.
Customer Q&A
Q: Do I have to have discord to receive bets?
A: Yes
Asked on Oct 8, 2023
Customer reviews
4.65 out of 5
(23 reviews)
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3 months ago
SPX Sports is legit! Blake is selective and super consistent. Great quality. Only takes games he likes and doesn’t over bet. Service is fantastic.
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3 months ago
easy to understand couldnt be simpler and results over time are great
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3 months ago
Service is great! Blake is killing it on a daily/weekly basis. Definitely worth the money!
What do you bet on?
We use either FanDuel, Draftkings, Mybookie, or Stake. It depends on what state/country you are in.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Of course! You can login to Whop at anytime and click "Manage Membership" to cancel. You will have access until your billing cycle is complete.
I just paid for the membership, how do I find access to the pick?
Go to whop.com Click 3 lines on the top right Click "your hub" Click beatthebooks Then click "claim all discord roles"
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SPX Sports
Sports Picks • General

23 reviews

You place our bets, the money pours in 💎🥊

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