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Our monthly subscription grants you complete access to all the services and information offered within SP. Our objective is to scale and strengthen the foundation of your business, ensuring your success. The information contained in SP is unparalleled, and the network we've cultivated within it is more valuable than any other source we've got. If you genuinely desire business success, SP can facilitate that journey. We offer numerous avenues and opportunities for you to generate income online, helping you to break free from the traditional 9 to 5 trajectory.

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Sneaker Consignment
We provide members with access to our partnered consignment stores for maximizing sales potential.
Sneaker Bulk Buys
We offer profitable bulk buys from overseas for high-demand SKUs, enabling members to maximize their profits.
Clothing Flips
Weekly links for profitable clothing purchases: Discover where and what to buy!
ACO Services
Offering ACO passes, guides, and alerts to help members successfully secure profitable retail releases.
Brick Flipping
Offer 10+ links daily with pairs under retail to help you make the most profits possible. Great way to build capital
Side Hustles
Explore more than 10 different side hustles to boost your income streams.
Financial Education
Enabling financial prosperity via education and emphasizing the significance of money management to our members.
1 on 1 Support
Our team provides 1 on 1 meetings to help members scale their businesses effectively.
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2d ago
make my monthly subscription back in a day by far best server to join its really a bang for your buck come grow your capital and biz with sp!
Purchased 1 month ago
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5d ago
This group has truly been special for me a month ago I didn’t know a thing about sneaker reselling and I wanted to made money and learn I have over 100+ followers and have created a few relationships with the members and I also managed to get 3-4 sales I’m currently and confidently buying shoes now and selling them thanks to sp I feel more successful and I can guarantee I’ll be better in the future I will personally like to thank Jimmy himself for making time for me I know I’m a difficult person and can ask a lot of questions And to gssneaks for creating a 1 on 1 call to help me get where I am now!
Purchased 1 month ago
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7d ago
Joining this group was an amazing decision! I paid for a yearly subscription and made all my money back with just 2 links. Plus, there are many other ways to earn back your money and more by using all of their services. Thank you Jimmy and staff!
Purchased 11d ago
What is SP about?
We are a collective of entrepreneurs dedicated to creating both financial prosperity and personal growth. Our emphasis extend beyond monetary gains as we foster deep connections among members. Our objective is to grow the largest network of entrepreneurs for collaborative and mutual development
How fast can I begin to see profit after joining?
You should see profit as quickly as the first day you join. You must put in the time to learn all the feature/services we provide to maximize profitability, but you for sure won't lose money. We have various ways in the group to generate income, not just sneakers
If I utilize every feature in your server, how much am I projected to make in profit per month?
If you fully utilize every feature we offer within our group, you can potentially earn a minimum of at least $6,000+ every month. However, this figure is on the lower end because we cannot guarantee success for everyone; it largely depends on your level of effort. Ultimately, the amount of money you aim to make is in your hands, and we're here to provide the blueprint while you take the necessary actions.
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Startup Preneurs
Reselling • Sneakers

28 reviews

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This group aims to become the largest network of entrepreneurs, with the objective of pooling resources to increase wealth. It offers a variety of side hustles and business models for members to choose from, providing valuable resources and support. Even if you have no prior experience in starting a business, the group will help you find the right model that aligns with your goals. Joining the group will give you the opportunity to achieve success with like-minded individuals.

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