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Stock Notify

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Premium Cook Group, Without The Premium Price. We offer exclusive online & in store information to help you maximize your profits!

Services & Features

  • Insider info: Nike/SNKRS, JD/FNL & FLX
  • Food Discounts, Chipotle Codes
  • Retail Discounts
  • Deals & Freebies
  • In House Market Place
  • Label Provider & Shipping Extensions for StockX & GOAT
  • Nike Swoosh, Backdoors & Preorders
  • Bulk/Cash Out Providers
  • Investment Call Outs/Hold or Sell

Sneaker & Retail Release Guides

  • Ticket Flips Info
  • Daily Reminders
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Stock Numbers
  • Release Site Lists
  • Sneaker Release Guides
  • Retail Release Guides: Kith, Supreme Palace + More! 
  • Lowkey Flips: Cards Collectables, Tech, Apparel Etc.

Fast Sneaker Monitors 

  • In Store Nike Search Monitor
  • In Store JD/FNL Search Monitor
  • In Store Nike Live Monitor
  • Online & In Store Raffle Monitors
  • Nike/SNKRS: Active, Launch & Backend
  • Hibbet, Travis Scott Nordstrom, Canary Yellow
  • JD/FNL, Footsites, Shoe Palace, DTLR
  • All Shopify Sites
  • Hat Club & Fitteds
  • Supreme + More! 

Fast Retail & Misc. Monitors

  • PS5 & Consoles: Target In Store & PS Direct
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Newegg
  • Ticket Master + More

Online & In Store

  • Weekly/Daily Agenda
  • Brick Flips
  • In Store Stock Info for JD/FNL & FLX Stores
  • Exclusive In Store Info for Chicago & LA
  • Nike In-Store info for all US stores

Coming Soon

  • FLX In Store Search Monitor
  • DSG In Store Search Monitor
  • Botting Guides
  • Any other suggestions you make when you join! 
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Release Alerts
Stay updated on profitable sneaker releases and profitable opportunities in real-time.
Exclusive Insider Information
Get early information on Nike, FLX, and JD/FNL releases and restocks. Both online and in-store.
24/7 Monitor Access
Access a wide range of monitors, including sneaker, retail, tickets, discount, and food monitors.
In-Store Stock Monitors
Search and find exact stock availability at Nike, Finish Line, and JD Sports stores.
Nike Discounts
Get access to sneakers below retail!
Raffle Monitors
Save time and effort by letting our monitors handle the tedious task of scanning all online and in-store raffles for you
New to Reselling Guides
We provide guides on all things reselling to help get your started!
Best Community
Join a supportive community and benefit from a supportive network that is knowledgeable and eager to help you succeed.
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Customer reviews
4.94 out of 5
(18 reviews)
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6 months ago
Definitely a good cook group to be in can get you me moneys worth asap and start making profit quick!
User avatar
8 months ago
This is the only cook group I have ever been in and let me tell you it’s the best. For $20 a month they offer both in store and online drops and loops to make you a lot of money. It’s definitely worth spending the money for it, I highly recommend it to everyone.
User avatar
8 months ago
I spent time in severals cook groups but this is the one i stick to. You can get discounted food codes to discounted items on amazon or online. You get restock notifications and search stock around town. This group definitely is a huge info power house i suggest you give it a try the dudes are chill and respond back.
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Stock Notify
Reselling • General

18 reviews

Premium Cook Group Without The Premium Price. We are a community dedicated to helping you cook! We offer exclusive online & in store information to help you maximize your profits!

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