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TaranisSNKRS ⚡️

(3 reviews)

Embrace the power of lightning to cop all your favorite sneakers ⚡️ Available now: EU and GB

TaranisSNKRS is your divine solution for Nike/SNKRS Drops ✨

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Taranis Guides

Different modes
Since we know a lot of users struggle with account bans we have developed unique solutions to solve this problem.
Technical Support
Our support is there to help you with your set-up and all your questions. Available in: EN, IT and DE.
Control from everywhere
iOS App and WebUI to control your tasks from everywhere with just an internet connection.
Monitor your favourite products with our bulit-in monitor function.
Shockdrops & QT
Use our incredibly fast quick-tasks and shockdrop mode to never miss an unexpected restock again!
Release Calendar
Keep yourself on track with the calendar of the next releases!
Cancel function
You took a brick while testing the set-up? No worries, just cancel the order with 1 click in our app or WebUI
Clip and EA Checker
You have tons of accounts and you are worried about clips or missing EA? Chill, simple use our modules to find out
Customer question & answers

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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(3 reviews)
16d ago
Smooth entries, good bot, easy to use and best Community. I love this bot and theyre discord
Purchased TaranisSNKRS 21d ago
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1 month ago
Best Bot atm
Purchased TaranisSNKRS 2 months ago
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5 months ago
very very smooth powerful and fast nike bot!! unbeatable
Purchased Taranis BETA 5 months ago
It is my first bot, is Taranis hard to use?
Don't worry, Taranis is built in a way in which is easy to use and understand. Along with that, our staff will guide through the first steps with the possibility to schedule 1:1 calls to prepare everything. ⚡️
How many instances are included with the base subscription?
Currently, we only allow 1 instance and unlimited CLIs as our modules are built to run thousands of accounts without losing performance. 🔗
About the seller
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Reselling • Sneakers

3 reviews

Embrace the power of the thunder to maximize your profits! ⚡️

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