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The Hayha Group

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Home to the deadliest snipers in the market.

☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲ PASS FUNDED SERVICE (ONE PHASE) ☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲

Welcome to our Pass Funded Service

This service is for those whom wish to pass Funded Accounts without the hassle of doing it themselves, we will pass it for you.

Our pass rate for these accounts are 99.9% guaranteed and typically take 1 day to pass.

One Phase Challenges

Here is a list of a few one phase challenges that we pass the same day guaranteed.

Please DYOR (do your own research) on each firm before purchase.

Please also ensure that you contact us before purchase to ensure you purchase the correct account. We will take 0 responsibility should you purchase the wrong account and we cannot pass it.

  • Nova Funding
  • Genesis Forex Funds
  • Nations Funding
  • Social Trading Club funding
  • Quantec Funding
  • Infinity Forex Funds
  • Next Level Funding
  • Nextstep Funding
  • M Solutions
  • Pro Forex Funding
  • RPffx
  • Fastforexfunds
  • Kortanafx

Once payment is made, there is a STRICT no refund policy. We spend time and money to have your account set up and prepared for the service and therefore it will not be acceptable for you to simply just change your mind after the service has been purchase for whatever reason.

A refund will ONLY be given should we fail to pass your challenge. This is the ONLY reason for recieving a refund and you will adhere to this condition should you continue to make a purchase.

Should you have any further question please do not hesitate to contact us

Best Regards The Hayha Group


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NOVA Pass Funded

Working hard and staying active does not go unnoticed in THG. Those most active will qualify for monthly giveaways.
Live Zoom Calls
Live Daily and Weekly Zoom Calls
Limited Onboarding
To ensure great attention and care to our existing members, THG only allow limited sign ups each month.
Market Analysis & Trade Ideas
Daily in-depth top tier market analysis for you to follow, study and take trades from
Mindset conditioning
THG boasts an extensive library of books and resources that will better your trading psychology and your general mindset
Sniper Money Course
We specialise in delivering education that will take you from noob level to becoming an Elite Sniper in the market.
THG Family
THG is a very tight knit community full of fantastic ambitious traders that have grown to become a family
The Vault
The Vault is home to 6 experienced traders who have been sourced externally to deliver highly profitable trade ideas.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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2 months ago
I've been learning how to trade forex for about a year now and i only started learning these concepts 8 Months in, after 4 months of consistently learning I got my first funded account and passed it within a week in 1 trade. One of the hardest ways to trade but definitely do-able and the most rewarding. The mentor, Properpips is so committed and always working behind the scenes to provide us with more knowledge and extra services. The community is more like a family, everyone is motivating and helping each other daily. Highly recommend this group, thank you Pips, and everyone in the community <3
User avatar
2 months ago
Joined this group very recently as someone with hardly any knowledge on trading, the mentor is amazing and very supportive and the community as a whole is very engaging and so supportive, whenever anyone needs any help everyone is quick to help out and answer any questions, and the knowledge and education given cannot be beat.
User avatar
4 months ago
Excellent mentorship and support around all areas of every service offered. Full transparency.
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The Hayha Group
Trading • General

8 reviews

The Hayha Group brings the precision and discipline of the world's finest snipers to the financial markets. We provide an education hub centered around market navigation and trading strategy, striving to transition our members from novices to informed market sharpshooters. Our service includes top-tier daily market analysis, facilitating our users to learn, engage, and make informed trade decisions with conviction. We pride ourselves on fostering a community ecosystem that blends education with camaraderie, personal growth with group success. We also feature exciting monthly giveaways and offer regular, interactive Zoom calls to address any questions, clarify concepts, and ensure our members always have the best advantage in the changing market landscape. Join us at The Hayha Group to take your trading skills to the elite level.

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