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Insider Premium Discord

(19 reviews)

2 dollars a day for money served on a silver platter. Sit back, relax, keep up with bankroll management, and enjoy. We'll take it from here.

Each wager is backed by a sophisticated algorithm, deep historical trends, and our own personal analysis.

This service is accompanied by applicable systems that you can save for future bets to make yourself. This is truly the best product a sports bettor could buy, as you learn the real process behind professional sports betting and also get to tail every pick!

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Discord access

Premium Membership

Every single pick, every day
These picks come from hours of research and analysis, and each pick is accompanied with in depth reasoning.
Unseen betting systems
These systems are a result of long hours and intense research, and are a vital tool to anyone into sports betting
Custom System Creation
If you have a theory or hypothesis you want to have tested, I will backtrack it over the years and tell you the record!
Q&A with the Insider himself
My first priority when it comes to messaging is customers in the discord. Ask me any questions you like!
Customer question & answers
Hi, I’m interested in purchasing a monthly subscription, are you able to give your current results for this season so far
In the less than 6 weeks since we started the chat we're up around 20 units!
Answered 2 months ago
Is the app Sleeper something you include? Or does it not really matter app to app?
We don't specifically include sleeper, but we drop props most days!
Answered 2 months ago
Customer reviews
4.74 out of 5
(19 reviews)
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2d ago
Great community and resources. Well worth the look!
Purchased Only 2 dollars a day for the entire service. 4d ago
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15d ago
love the detailed explanation over each pick
Purchased Only 2 dollars a day for the entire service. 3 months ago
User avatar
16d ago
I made 900+ my first day tailing this organization, they send plays bright and early, super transparent and beginner friendly
Purchased Only 2 dollars a day for the entire service. 17d ago
What exactly is included in the discord membership?
A whole lot! We spend hours and hours every day making it as valuable to the customer as possible. Aside from our entire slate of wagers every day, It includes heaps of betting systems not known to the public that we have spent countless hours discovering and creating. These systems usually come as the explanations and analysis after we drop our slate. You also have the opportunity to directly message me through discord and ask any questions you like, getting priority over incoming messages on social media. Most importantly, you get transparency and honesty, and good business practice. Our top priority is customer satisfaction!
What's your betting record?
Varies from sport to sport. We're coming off our by far best overall year hitting over 60% through thousands of picks. Our best bets have been NBA player props and College basketball spreads and totals with both of them being over 64%. Though, football was solid through out and Hockey was still profitable too.
Are you a solo operation?
No. The discord is ran by a very experienced group of bettors who combine knowledge, experience and data. We have bet as a group for the better part of the past year.
Is last years record sustainable?
Probably not, but we'll see! Getting as hot as we were for as long as we did is something we're extremely proud of, but odds are it's not sustainable. Are we expecting to stay profitable? Absolutely. Is it possible to stay this hot? You bet! but we like to keep expectations tempered and realistic, and hope our customers stick with us for a long time to see what we're about!
What's something we don't know about the discord?
You are able to message me any theories or hypothesis you may have for any type of bet, and I will create a system for you and tell you the exact historical record under the conditions you provide. This is a fun way for customers to test their theories.
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Insider Edge Analytics
Sports Picks β€’ Betting Algorithms

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Lead your sports betting journey with our picks and exclusive analytical tools

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